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  1. "Belial's Balls!" swears Wolf, venomously. He gingerly flexes the fingers of the hand the rat was trying to eat as he scrambles to his feet. Finding that everything seems to still be in working order, he removes the club from his belt, his dropped bow temporarily forgotten. He assumes a fighting stance as he eyes the area where the rat emerged. He flashes a quick grin at John and Abigale. "Thanks. Best get ready, from the sounds of it, there are probably more of them. Unless the noise from that cannon scared them off."
  2. Squid head is looking pretty good. Also, I agree with Sarge. The grunts look pretty good to go right now. Once you finish up the belts and such, I'd say you're all set.
  3. Good stuff!! The new additions to your graveyard fit very well, and help to give it that 'lived in' (perhaps haunted in would be more appropriate?) look. I second the comments about the glow coming from inside the hoods, that's a cool idea that you may see again sometime soonish, if I can ever get myself painting again... Also, who makes the phantoms in the 3rd and 4th photos, the ones carrying a ball and chain?
  4. I know the feeling. I haven't painted anything in quite a while now....
  5. @ Last Knight--are you/is someone mapping this out?
  6. Sympathy like for Siri having to move in the rain.
  7. Wolf throws an arm up in an attempt to protect his face, while wildly dragging his dagger from its sheath with the other. He finally gets the blade free and plunges it into the body of the beast at roughly the same time as John's weapon goes off.
  8. Thes---If it were me, I'd post whatever I had finished most recently, just for the sake of saying 'Hey, look!! I'm still alive and painting!'
  9. Buglips--what's the story behind the 'Battle of hex Fields'?
  10. In this world there's two kinds of people, my friend. Those with loaded guns, and those who dig. You dig.
  11. "John, Chance, do you see any scrapes or bright metal on that portcullis that would indicate it has been moved recently?" Wolf examines the pile of rubble more closely, trying to determine if there may be an open space behind it. "Everyone, i heard some noise from behind this pile of rubble", Wolf says indicating the pile with his bow and arrow. (( Daenir had returned one of the fire beads to Sonskyn, can it be said that I borrowed that one?))
  12. Those links that LK posted are aimed at you, Matrissa. ( i wasn't sure since his post followed mine....)
  13. Yeah, I'm gonna have to have a good look through the figure finder, too. There have been a few that are sorta kinda close ish, but nothing that just jumped out as perfect.
  14. Hey, I just a random thought-- What happens if several of us are posting at more or less the same time, and what one of us posts either contradicts what someone else posts, or just makes for a weird/illogical situation? Forex: me: At dawn, I rise and warm my hands by the fire. someone else: at dawn, I get up and kick dirt over the fire in preparation for moving on.
  15. I'm gonna have to look for a time when most of us aren't around so I can go back through this thread and make myself a spread sheet a la Last Knight to help me keep up with who's who, at least until I start remembering all the details.
  16. This is cool! I've never done anything like this before. Am I doing all right, not being too much of a spotlight hog or anything?
  17. Wolf glances at the stone in Sonskyns palm. "How does it work? Will it burn me?"
  18. Wolf grins at John, "No, we seem to be doing well so far. It might be a good idea to keep an eye on one of the exits from this chamber while we wait for the others to get down here." Turning, he knocks an arrow on his bow and continues searching the chamber for any signs of the missing group.
  19. Wolf looks around at his surroundings for a moment then moves aside to make way at the bottom of the rope for the others. He glances at Daenir briefly and asks "Have you see anything that might give a clue where to start?" as he begins looking around the chamber for any signs of a group passing through.
  20. Wolf nods, "Alright". He pauses briefly to tuck his club into his belt, then grasps the rope and begins to make his way down into the unknown.
  21. Wolf finishes searching around the courtyard and mutters, mostly to himself " Well he got them here, I can see his tracks plainly enough. He wasn't supposed to go down with them, though." Standing up, Wolf looks around briefly and says "John, I'd like to go down after you. I'd like a chance to look around for any signs of them before there are too many people obscuring things."
  22. And since I'm slow today, I figured some kind of description is in order: Wolf stands a little shy of 6 feet tall, and is extremely well muscled while still being quite lean. He has black hair with piercing green eyes. He wears simple, sturdy clothing and carries a bow, quiver of arrows, club and dagger. He also has a pack with some basic supplies in it.
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