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  1. Good advice . I think you've done really well on your second figure. The plaid looks pretty good, and is downright awesome condsidering this is your second figure. One of the best ways to improve is to be willing to try new things, and you've certainly done that here. Keep it up!
  2. So, are we doing this again for June?
  3. @Slendertroll and ShadowRaven--I'm flattered. Steal away, nad let me know how it works out for you. @TGP---I was unaware of the the references you mentioned, so I'm still gonna claim it's an original idea.
  4. Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?
  5. Alright!!! That's the spirit! Best of luck to you. RE: Star Trek (or other models) obviously I don't know Reaper's official stance (heck, Reaper might not even know it's official stance at this point) but I say it's always easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.
  6. It's in the rule book under section 2, subsection 4a, paragraph 9. Iffn' you wanna know... That's right!! That's exactly where I remember seeing it. G'night folks. >>> wanders off into the night<<<
  7. Uh-oh. You're in trouble Mr. Melons. ALWAYS nerd gush with your significant other. Always. It's a rule somewhere.
  8. Good to know, but let's keep that between you and me, hmm?
  9. Great job! I've got that mini around somewhere; i should find try to find him. You carved the celtic cross? That's awesome, it looks really good.
  10. Good, more time to pitch this to my (much) better half. I'd ask her to go with, but she has 0 interest in miniatures, other than the fact that it keeps me out of the bar (mostly).
  11. Yeah, speedy. I've gotten likes from him on a post that it seems as though I haven't even finished typing.....kinda wonder how he does that.
  12. For the most part, I'd say leave them as is. Learn from your mistakes, practice more, and just look back in a few years and see where you came from. They are a running history for you as a painter in this fun hobby. This is pretty good advice. Besides, bones are cheap enough, you can always get another one later to do a better job on, or just to try different colors or whatever. Good luck and be safe on deployment!
  13. That's a heck of a difference on the bat swarms. Pretty sweet!!
  14. I'm another one who has not, and will not 'get tired' of seing the cool projects that you post here. Keep 'em coming, please.
  15. My personal opinion is that if Star Wars is sci-fi, then WarHammer 40K is sci-fi. Also I got given space marines at free comics day. I need *some* use for them. SHHH!! Don't say that too loud, GW will find the store and close it down.
  16. Nothing new to add, although I do like both the Testor's orange tube glue, and the liquid versions like the Model Master product mentioned above.
  17. I'll probably be back with more as it comes to me, but for now I'll drop this off: An interesting campaign starter (I haven't actually gotten to use this one yet) instead of the old 'you're in a tavern...' None of the characters know each other. In fact they all begin the game as stone statues! They are in this state because: (pick one) medusa or any other statue producing monster evil wizard curse drinking the magical water from the fountain a wild magic area Their benefactor that freed them is: (pick one) a good wizard an evil wizard pretendiing to be a good wizard (what better way to find some loyal patsies...er minions...well, you know) a divinity a wild surge What now? the party runs errands for the good/evil wizard or divinity because 'well you owe me...' or out of a sense of gratitude they've been statues for a fairly significant amount of time, so they set out together to explore their new (old) world etc, etc....
  18. You know what? I've noticed that there's a fair bit of roleplaying going in in this thread (and to some extant all across the board). We've got a goblin pretending to be a human pretending to be a goblin (or is it the other way around?), an evil clown, a Tiamacrab, her friend/leader of minions/fellow underwater dwelling dragon, and a wolf who wanders through most of the threads on the board quite amused by all the silly hooman activities, as well as others. This could be an interesting idea for a thread, somehow....
  19. Playful by hooman standards and playful by wolf standards are very different things. Nah, not really.
  20. Yup, finally all caught up. @Flamehawke---thank you! @ub3r_n3rd---too late, I heard that!! >>runs back off into the woods, seeking other threads to catch up on<<
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