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  1. In honor of ub3r's birthday, I am sorely tempted to threadjack this all over the place. It wouldn't really be right, though, since he didn't start this thread.
  2. And now I'm wondering what kind of verbiage such a sweet little blueberry might have typed?... She woofed. It happens. On that note, when I first discovered the language filter around here I let loose a string of obscenities to test what it would block. I expected the "seven unsayable words" - it, uh, didn't really cover as much as I thought it would, and I ended up editing that post out of existence. I mean, they let people say fnord around here. What's up with that? I wish you'd never typed that. I am now sooooooo tempted to conduct said experiment for myself...must be good, must be good, must be good.....
  3. Just got back from my sons awards dinner for his fencing team, he received an MVP award (which he wasn't expecting, so that made it even cooler) and his second varsity letter. He got the award for his positive attitude and mentorship of less experienced team members. I don't have the exact write up in front of me, but it was pretty impressive, much more so than I'm making it sound. I'm proud of him.
  4. bah...it didn't work, nothing to see here, move along.
  5. Around about 3 minutes and 17 seconds, at a guess. And this just popped into my head, so it's currently playing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCUfa2m2Rys
  6. That is a really great job! You've got a really cool concept behind it, I love the back story/fluff! Two thumbs up!!
  7. Nice job on the multicolored shields, it helps to break them up a little bit. Why are the weapon hands painted like the shields? I can imagine a goblin drill instructor 'Awright, youse guys, lissen up! You holds da weapon in da colord hand and da shield in da uvver hand!'
  8. So, have we come to a conclusion about where/when the next one will be?
  9. Chaoswolf would like to take this time to thank you for your well-wishes. Chaoswolf also would like to note that this is kind of amusing, and may continue it past the end of the day.
  10. Apparently, Chaoswolf is much better at Black Magic written in Greek than he thought he was. He earned a B+ in that particular class.
  11. A few pages back, you mentioned owning some GW armies.....which ones?
  12. So, it appears that my computer is all jacked up. Lovely.
  13. ok, that's odd...it worked, but it wouldn't let me edit it....
  14. ok, that's odd...it worked, but it wouldn't let me edit it....
  15. This is a test...I just tried to post in the 'ask Reaperbryan anything' thread and it didn't take......will this show up?
  16. Awesome news, Oneboot!! I'm glad for you. Sorry to hear about the injury, Matrissa, I hope you mend quickly. Also sorry to hear about the revenge of the germs, Dilvish. Maybe you shoulda killed 'em with fire. Hope you're feelling better soon. I actually managed to finish off all of college coursework, and took my last final last night. Now to wait and see what the grades are. I'm kinda worried about one of the classes. I studied, but when I saw the final, I was pretty certain that it was about black magic. In Greek.
  17. Wow, that's pretty cool, OneBoot!! I didn't 'see' it either. I had to check out the link. Fingers crossed for you and husband on the job/relocation front. Inspired by Thes Hunter, I googled myself. First I did my 'common' name (first and last), then I tried my full name. I only checked the first 50 hits each time, and I found absolutely nothing about me. Yay! I also discovered that there are a lot of folks running around with my name, not quite so pleased about that. Most of the others of 'me' are alright, a few not so much. There is painter, a composer, a college football player, a race car driver, and a musician among others (all not me, though). There is also one who died a few years ago (obviously not me) and a meth dealer/ murderer (most certainly NOT me). So, I'm fairly anonymous, which I'm happy about, but there are a lot of people that I could be confused with, some of which I would really not want to be associated with.
  18. Whoa! Glad you're safe, Chaoswolf! Were you up around northern RI? I-95 becomes kind of a crazy slalom course around North Providence and Pawtucket. No, down south, near the Connecticut border. I was driving home from school in Warwick ( New England Tech ). It happened a couple of miles south of the road work near exit 5.
  19. I just (well, half an hour ago) hydroplained across both lanes of I-95 southbound in Rhode Island. Nobody hurt, nothing damaged, but I could use one of Doc Bedlams resealable underwear bags right about now. And a nice, stiff drink. (Actually, I've got one, but I've still got a free hand...)
  20. Excellent question. I've run across the same stereotypical lawful goody-two shoes that the blog poster was complaining about several different times. The response to why the player was playing the character in that fashion was also pretty much the same, 'You have to play LG that way'. A lot of it is open to interpretation. I've only played in one campaign where someone ran a really fun, creative, LG paladin with a personality. It was 2nd ed and he was a dwarf (we house ruled a lot of the class/race and level limits stuff) In one of the earliest game sessions we had, the party was tracking a group of orcs back to their lair in order to rescue the teenaged children of some local nobles who thought it would be good fun to go 'adventuring' without any clue as to what was actually involved. At the conclusion of one fight we had three orc prisoners who had surrendered. The dwarven paladin reminded the rest of us that we had to show mercy to the prisoners, etc. So we stripped them of all weapons and armor, left them tied up, and admonished them to gather the women and children if/when they got loose and flee. A couple of hours later we were embroiled in another fight with more orcs when all of a sudden the party mage gets laid low (unconscious and bleeding out) by an attack. From behind. It turns out that the other 3 orcs had gotten loose somehow, went to the armory and re-equipped themselves and come after us. Eventually, we got the fight in hand, saved the mage and had 2 of the original three orcs again trying to surrender. The paladin said, 'Your surrender is not accepted. You were shown mercy once, and we have seen how you repay it. Defend yourselves.' The rest of the party was like 'huh?' and the DM asked 'Are you sure about this?' Fast forward a few minutes, and we had 2 dead orcs, a brand new dwarven fighter, and play effectively stopped while we all hashed out whether the paladin's actions were 'right' or not. Eventually, we managed to change the DM's mind and he rescinded the dwarven player's loss of paladinhood. One of the arguments used was that LG doesn't equal stupid, and leaving living enemies behind you is kinda stupid, as is falling for the same trick multiple times. I wish I could remember more, as there were some quite good ones. By the time that campaign ended, the dwarven paladin had gotten drunk, been seduced by the tavern keeper's daughter and forced into a shotgun (crossbow?) wedding which was interupted (and ended by the death of the bride to be) by an attack by the neighboring human kingdom, and convinced the rest of the party to join a rebellion to overthrow the (evil) ruler of said kingdom. Through all of that, the character was played in a very lively, memorable, and fun fashion without ever once falling into the lawful-boring rut. So, yes I agree with you. It can open new possibilities, and encourage different ways to think about things. It's getting late, and I've already gotten a little wordier than I had originally intended, so I'll pop in some time later to regale you with a story of a Chaotic Neutral character I played once.
  21. Soooo many things I wanted to say to this.... Most not board appropriate.....
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