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  1. I've been watching men's and women's hockey, some of the skiing, and the snowboarding. My wife is watching almost all of it, so I've heard quite a bit of it and seen bits and pieces of almost everything.


    My only gripe would have to be with the men's snowboarding. The course was horrible. I'm glad that they got it fixed up for the women, but I really think that something should have been done to fix it up for the men, too. I'm not upset that the U.S. didn't medal (ok, yes I am, but doesn't everyone want to see their team/country to do well?), but it just kinda sucked seeing almost everyone wipe out in the same darned spot. It didn't seem like a competition between the best people in the world, just a contest to see who was luckier.


    Ok, since I'm actually watching the USA/Canada women's hockey game from a few days ago right now (gotta love DVR), that second goal by the Canadian women was BS. Sorry, Canadians, not trying to start anything, but that goal shouldn't have been allowed. The play was dead before it crossed the goal line.


    I agree with Corporea, it is very nice to see the sportsmanship and camaraderie displayed by the atheletes towards one another.

  2. I dropped a woodburner on my bare leg once - that was fun.


    Every single tool I use, (well ok, only MOST of the phillips-head screwdrivers) has drawn blood at one point or another.  Ok, not all the paintbrushes either, but more than a few of them have...

    Ok, I've GOT to ask....how did you draw blood with a paintbrush?

  3. Tough question. My first impulse would be to say 'all of them' which would be true, or else I wouldn't have gotten them. My second impulse would be to say DDS2, Kanjira, or the ginormous minotaur lord. I'm honestly not sure. Troll-slayer Sophie would be cool because, well, Sophie. The thank you pack looks pretty cool, too.




    So, yeah. All of 'em.

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  4. Are you asking about game mechanics or fluff?




    Also, is there any customisability to the various units? Forex can you swap around weapon packages and so forth? I'm not looking for any of the somewhat broken things you could do with the Battletech building rules, just something to add an element of surprise; even though I'm using CAV 'X' you can't be sure what the armament and capabilities are.



    edit---spelling. again. it seems that I have especially fat fingers today...

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