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  1. Pretty cool. better than I could do. If I have extra, it usually gets added to the basing.
  2. Awesome scuplt!! And congrats on getting it into production. You'll have to let us know when it goes into production, I'm going to get at least 1.
  3. Sorry to hear about the money troubles, Buglips, glad you got a surprise windfall. I'd hate to think of you having to hunt/forage for sustenance. Most goblins aren't known for their skill in these areas. RE: Bieber---you guys (Canada) won the game fair and square. You can have him back.
  4. Whoa. Sorry to hear it, Aard. Like everyone else has said, be sure to follow Dr's orders and give it as much rest as possible. I hope you're on the mend soon!
  5. Very true. When I was a kid I liked the entertainment they call WWF or whatever they've renamed/re-branded it to be called now. Yeah, I used to like it way back when, too. I actually came across it a year or so ago whilst channel surfing. Watched for about 15 mins then continued surfing....
  6. Strange possibilities are usually the best ones! And, cool! Always nice to meet a fellow sailor. Being attached to fleet marine, I'm sure you've still got some good 'sea stories'.
  7. @ ub3r---Fair enough. If we all enjoyed the same things, it'd get real boring, real fast. I played Lacrosse in HS, so I like Hockey since it's kinda similar. I also wrestled, but let's not mention the WWF or whatever it's called now......
  8. Oh, man. Gotta agree with Darkmeer; that tree is awesome!! The graveyard is shaping up quite nicely, I really like the direction that you're going with it. About Smuggler's cove--looks like an interesting place to visit. Somehow I missed it in all of time on the seven seas with the Navy.
  9. Thank you, Pingo. I think I'm going to turn in early tonight; get a little extra sleep and maybe things will be better tomorrow.
  10. I had the same trouble, except I got attacked by a pitbull. That'll make you pick up a pack like nothing else. What are you using, patches, gum or are going the crazy way and going cold turkey? Going the crazy way...cold turkey!
  11. That sounds interesting, got any pics?
  12. Ugh....was doing so well with the quitting smoking this weekend, then I went to work today, and well, I figured buming a smoke was probably better than choking out a co-worker (even though he desperately needs it).....I can see that work will be my biggest challenge.
  13. Have you used any of their products? I've seen them before, but never in person.
  14. Another great job, he certainly has that not-quite-right-in-the-head psycho killer look to him! Pictures can really be a mixed blessing; you get to show off what you've accomplished, while simultaneously cringing when you see that one spot that you missed....
  15. I was gonna say the Demon lord of Minotaurs, but the Auld Grump has a pretty cool idea there ^^^^^. How big is your desk?
  16. I've been watching men's and women's hockey, some of the skiing, and the snowboarding. My wife is watching almost all of it, so I've heard quite a bit of it and seen bits and pieces of almost everything. My only gripe would have to be with the men's snowboarding. The course was horrible. I'm glad that they got it fixed up for the women, but I really think that something should have been done to fix it up for the men, too. I'm not upset that the U.S. didn't medal (ok, yes I am, but doesn't everyone want to see their team/country to do well?), but it just kinda sucked seeing almost everyone wipe out in the same darned spot. It didn't seem like a competition between the best people in the world, just a contest to see who was luckier. Ok, since I'm actually watching the USA/Canada women's hockey game from a few days ago right now (gotta love DVR), that second goal by the Canadian women was BS. Sorry, Canadians, not trying to start anything, but that goal shouldn't have been allowed. The play was dead before it crossed the goal line. I agree with Corporea, it is very nice to see the sportsmanship and camaraderie displayed by the atheletes towards one another.
  17. Good stuff here, keep it coming! I'm taking notes; basing is something I'd really like to improve.
  18. @Dilvish--Safe travels!! I hope that you arrived and make it back home safely. i've been stationed in Norfolk, and it was truly terrifying seeing how some of the folks down there react to snow.
  19. A-ha! I just spotted him. I'll be looking forward to seeing him finished off.
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