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    Cold weather is better than warm weather. Why? Because there's only so much clothing you can take off without getting arrested.


    Warm weather is better than cold weather because of the other people taking off clothing and risking getting arrested. :devil:


    That depends on the people in question....

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  2. Ohh, great idea, Mad Jack!! I can also scare up an extension cord and possibly another power strip if necessary.


    @Dilvish--Do you think it would cause any problems if this kinda turns into a combo paint day/swap meet? I've got some stuff that I know I'm never going to paint that I could bring as well, but I don't want to step on any toes here, especially since Pat is being kind enough to let us take over the Citadel for a while.


    And I can wholeheartedly second what Mad Jack said about this place being a dragon's den of bygone gaming stuff; if there's a figure line or game system that went OOP, there's a fairly decent chance that you can find stuff for it here, at good prices, not ebay/collector's exorbitant prices.

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  3. I'd be interested as well, never done anything like this, but it seems like it would be a lot of fun. I have a couple of questions, though:


    1.What/where is/how do I use the 'forum dice' you mentioned?

    2.How often do we 'meet'? I work full time and go to school a couple of nights a week; I don't want to drag the whole thing down with everyone waiting on me.

    3. I'm kinda weak on 3.5 rules and such (as in never played them, and only played a little bit of 3.0), but I like to think that I can role play fairly well. Is this a deal breaker?

    4. Are we allowed to own any magic items; presumably as part of the 2000 gp equipment allowance? I'm thinking minor stuff like healing potions, not Stormbringer...

    5. How are OOC (out of character) questions/communications handled? Via pm to the relevant parties?

  4. Well, I played D&D way back when it was ' the devil's game'.....while listening to heavy metal!! :wow:

    It's a wonder that I didn't sprout horns and wings...



    I still play D&D, still listen to heavy metal, and still no horns or wings.

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  5. RE: the title---no, thanks. I'll stay healthy.


    To everyone: I'm sorry to hear about the illness woes; i hope that you're feeling better ASAP.



    I very rarely ever get sick; maybe once a year. Maybe. And when I do, I generally only have it for a fraction of the time that everyone else does. Wife and kids are down for a week? Two days for me. My wife says that I have the constitution of a dwarf (and the temperament too, but that's a different story).


    I don't do anything special to avoid illness, either. Eat lots of fruits and veggies, and I don't drink anything other than water, fruit juice, milk, and the occasional adult beverage.


    When I do get sick, I generally try to avoid medicine for as long as possible and just let my body fight it off on it's own. When I get to the point that I feel it needs a little help, I take 1 dose of EVERYTHING I can find that's a cold medicine, wash it all down with a shot of whiskey, and go to bed. I'm not saying that everyone should try this, but it works for me.


    Again, get well soon you sickos!! ::P:::):

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  6. Put it in a blender. Unless the can't eat is due the inherent sweetness, in which case put some in the freezer till you can eat it. Sorry to hear about the tooth extraction.



    ETA---Last Knight, do you just want letters or would small care packages be cool, too? If so, what would you want? Beef jerkey and assorted junk food, or crossword puzzles, or.....?


    Or one big package where whoever's interested throw's in some random stuff?

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  7. The rule of thumb that I was taught way back when was that if 1 floating vessel was small enough to put on another, it's a boat. If you can't, it's a ship. Hence row BOAT, sail BOAT, etc.


    This doesn't apply to submarines, although I suppose you could put one on an aircraft carrier....


    I may be wrong, but I believe that submarines are called boats because it's a slang term derived from the word Unterseeboot. It's German for under sea boat, which was shortened to U-boat by the allies during WW2. At least that's what I've always heard.


    Of course all of this is irrelevant, I was just teasing with my earlier comment. :;):

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