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  1. A bit of explanation: 'mast' is Captain's Mast, a form of non judicial punishment for minor infractions such as chronic lateness or disrespect to an officer. It stays with you throughout your military career, but does not result in a criminal record once you get out of the Navy. Typical punishments include loss of pay and/or loss of rank.






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  2. Dunno, never thought to check before. I was naviagting around in this one and accidently clicked the 'all the way back to page 1 arrow' instead of the 'prev' right next to it. While I was on page 1 I happened to notice the date. It confused me at first since it was approximately correct, then I noticed the year.

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  3. On 5/12/2022 at 9:06 PM, BlazingTornado said:

    Jeebus they're just really overestimating how many people are willing to overpay for a Frameworks mini.


    I've seen a 100$ price tag for the Balor! I got the Nolzur's one for a tenth of that price and the entirety of the Legend of Drizzt board game (which comes with an even bigger Balor and more minis and modular tiles...) costs a portion of that!

    Hell even Warhammer greater daemons and daemon princes and the LOTR Balrog cost like 30$ less! And with the former two you get way more modular bits than just "three horns, two manes (one's on fire), two swords and a few extra flame bits if you want".

    That price is insane. I won't pay GW's prices, I'm certainly not going to pay more for something that's not as good (IMO).

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  4. 1 hour ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

    May 20,

    Have you ever heard a graduation speech that was good? What did they talk about. 

    I remember being bored by my HS graduation speech and joking with my buddies through it, so I'm inclined to say no, it wasn't good. 


    I remember the guest speaker at my college graduation was Kathy Ireland. I do not remember what she spoke about,  so no, probably also not good.


    To be fair though, I'm not generally impressed by speeches.

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  5. 18 hours ago, Inarah said:

    I like the new base. 



    15 hours ago, Glitterwolf said:

    Looks fine!

    Good basing!

    Thank you both.


    14 hours ago, Rigel said:

    I'm always here for any iteration of this rad ape sculpt!
    Love the base with the machine parts.

    Thank you.

    You'll also be glad to know I've got a couple more copies of this sculpt that I'm going to convert a little bit and paint up.

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  6. 8 hours ago, Werkrobotwerk said:

    May 19,

    Well now that I have threatened your cities with a kitten, what sort of giant monster would you like to see go on a rampage?


    (posting this early because work starts at an unreasonable hour tomorrow)

    Well, I was going to suggest adding a puppy to yesterday's scenario, but somebody beat me to it (grumble, grumble, time zones ::P:), so instead, I'm going to turn it up to 11.

    Add a puppy AND a toddler.

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