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  1. Good work! The minor conversions work nicely to make them all at least a little bit different form one another.
  2. Neighborhood cat is REALLY aggravating one of my cats. They're on opposite sides of a window, and my cat is making some sounds that would put death metal vocalists to shame.
  3. Ahhh, another glorious Monday morning, the beginning of....yah I can't even type that with a straight face. Can I go back to bed now?
  4. I don't know; it's so hard to find an actually good scary movie. Notice I said SCARY, not GORY. This is a big difference, at least IMO.
  5. Sometimes yes, sometimes no. This year looks like it might be a 'no' year.
  6. Good work on him! Did you use real leaves for his beard?
  7. Good work, that paint job looks creepy, which is highly appropriate considering the subject matter.
  8. Sounds like an excellent reason to do a thread here. Needs more bacon. Happy Birthday, @SparrowMarie!
  9. Make sure to post pictures so we can cheer you on.
  10. That's pretty cool!
  11. Wait, we're supposed to unpack? Here I thought I was being clever and getting a headstart on preparations for next year.
  12. Oh, that one looks really cool, great job!
  13. I always like seeing paint paint this guy, it's such a great figure. Good work!
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