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  1. Great job!
  2. Interesting group of critters. Nice work on them all.
  3. Something is better than nothing. Good work.
  4. In case you were not aware, Lego has a set that builds the Titanic. It is 4 and a half feet long and costs $630. The set has 9,090 pieces.
  5. Headline I just saw: 'US submarine strikes unknown object in South China sea' Now, I haven't read the story yet, but the very first thing that came to mind was 'great, they just hit C'thulu'.
  6. Yup, I'm looking forward to getting it.
  7. My wife sys to go one size larger than you usually wear, 'cause they're made to be worn over another shirt. YMMV.
  8. To add to my earlier answer: I'd be cool with playing a victim, I just don't want to be the stupid one. You know, the one that everyone screams at the TV/screen/whatever 'Don't go in there!' and then they go in there and get splatted.
  9. Going anywhere special, or just relaxing at home? Let me check with my wife and get back to you.
  10. No need for the sad faces, I survived! For clarification about the falling asleep thing: We were all gathered in a too small, slightly stuffy room with the lights off and were being subjected to ' death by PowerPoint '. It was not terribly conducive to anything other than passing out.
  11. We're in the first part of our annual safety refresher training. I am in danger of falling asleep.
  12. Sure, why not? I've never done it before, so the experience might be interesting, if nothing else. I don't know about what role; I'd just like it to be longer than 3 seconds, and have it be clearly recognizable as me.
  13. Oh, I shop this early, but it's so I can avoid all the happy and cheerful people that are out at Christmas time.
  14. Good work! I think that lady may want to upgrade her weapon to a rocket launcher, though.
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