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  1. Good work on her, I like the color scheme a lot.
  2. Looks good to me. I will probably follow your lead when it comes to painting mine.
  3. She looks good, and I agree with Rigel's comment about the color choice.
  4. Glad to hear it! We made a turkey pot pie for Thanksgiving; we didn't see the sense in going crazy and making the whole spread for 2 people. (My son is here, too, but he's low man on the totem pole, so he had to work yesterday. Between everyone's work schedules, we won't be eating dinner together until Monday.) We had some apple pie for desert, and rounded out the evening by watching Hawkeye. So, it was a pretty good day.
  5. Can confirm. It's weird being from the Northeast and being used to that type of cold weather and then seeing people here in Texas wearing winter jackets when it's 55 degrees out.
  6. That my family is healthy and doing well. We're rather scattered around the country this year in small groups for the holidays, so while we're not together, at least no one is alone.
  7. Great job on that very cool old school mini!
  8. It's nice to see things moving along. It's almost like watching a town develop from nothing; pretty cool. I'm also looking forward to seeing Snow White and her band of potioneers develop.
  9. Good looking group of survivors! I love the idea of painting Ken like a Vermont state trooper.
  10. Great work on him! Also, welcome back!
  11. Took the words right out of my mouth. Have a great day, everyone.
  12. To have an excellent idea that is totally appropriate to the situation at hand. 10 or 15 minutes too late to be helpful. Vintage.
  13. (Yes, I know Rogue is spelled wrong; I didn't make it)
  14. Thanksgiving tip: If you're traveling to someone's house for dinner, make sure you compliment thier baseboards. They probably spent at least part of last weekend cleaning them.
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