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  1. I've started working my way through your blog; there's some pretty good stuff in there. I'll most likely post replies/comments here.
  2. Great write-up, thanks for sharing! Neat tip/idea: It's not as fast as what you've described, but I like to keep one of those Woodland Scenics molds around to jam leftover wads of green stuff into. It'd take forever (and wouldn't be cheap) to get a full piece like you have here, but for small rock pieces to add to a figure base, it works great.
  3. Guess who posted that just a little bit too soon?
  4. Annual safety refresher part 2. So far, I'm still awake.
  5. It's been a couple of years, but yes, we generally do try to.
  6. That's a pretty cool crew you've got there; very nice painting.
  7. Not a whole heck of a lot, actually. The biggest change, like someone already mentioned, is that Beekeepers is gone. Welcome back, it's nice to see you again.
  8. And the answer to yesterday's little game is: Yes, that is an actual news story.
  9. Stephen King He's the first famous person that came to mind.
  10. Well, that story I mentioned a little while back about setting myself on fire occurred at a Halloween party, so I'd say that counts. ETA---I never threw eggs/toilet paper or anything else at people/houses/cars/whatever. I didn't go in for mean spirited stuff when I was a kid.
  11. Very good paint job!
  12. My cat was a female, I have no idea what the other cat was. @Glitterwolf---those are some great pictures, thanks for sharing them.
  13. Let's play a game! Is the following for real, or just something I made up? (No Googling) 'Android wants to have robot baby.' I'll give you the answer tomorrow.
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