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  1. I slept in a little but I'm still tired, so it obviously wasn't enough. The cats were demanding their morning tribute though, so I had to get up. Grey and rainy skies aren't contributing to wanting to do much of anything. Today might be a reading day with a 50% chance of scattered naps throughout the afternoon.
  2. Movie accurate Mad Max. INCLUDING the car.
  3. I think I've been to that port before. Looking good!
  4. Braaaaiiiinnss! Another good looking zombie mouse.
  5. I agree. Also, the game sounds cool.
  6. Not I. I don't know. Everyone's saying Star Trek/some future where we have super great medicine to alleviate/cure all of our accumulated illnesses and/or nagging injuries, and I can certainly see the appeal to that. I'm thinking I'm gonna go for GreyHawk/The Forgotten Realms/Mystara or some other fantasy world. Why? Whichever one it happens to be, the world is a lot more GREEN. There aren't gazillions of people everywhere, the world hasn't been turned into a giant city, and there's still freedom to travel and explore. There's still cool stuff to do and dis
  7. Ah, the other danger of Ebay. I 'accidentally' won something like that once. On one hand , I was happy I got the figure/s I had wanted, on the other, I was upset with myself for the amount of money I spent.
  8. Great job! The stippling on the skin worked out very well. They make a great pair.
  9. Looks good, I'd set sail on her!
  10. Good work! Also, that sounds like a cool campaign.
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