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  1. I haven't seen anywhere near all of them, but I did enjoy the few episodes of Sharpe's Rifles that I have seen.
  2. Stick with the classics, I always say!
  3. If I ever go through my Reaper KS 3 through 5 boxes, I'll feel the same way. I know some of the stuff that is in those Kickstarters but I know there is gonna be a few surprises. Same here.
  4. I'm looking forward to seeing how this goes.
  5. She's quite the lovely lady! I really like the smaller mushrooms growing from her cap.
  6. Very nice work! I think the grey/white (second batch of pictures) works better.
  7. I read an article today about how they're trying to pass a bill to end daylight savings time again. I hope they actually follow through and finish it this time.
  8. Great job! Your conversions definitely helped to improve it.
  9. Everyone needs a well stocked armory; great job on yours!
  10. That's pretty creepy; good job!
  11. I haven't seen it. But from I've heard/read, they took the basic idea and turned it up to 11.
  12. An intact (complete) copy of HeroQuest and 2 of the expansions (these were a little less than complete) at a yard sale for $10 or $15 altogether.
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