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  1. This is highly situational; Is it online or in person? How well do I know the person? Are they a veteran? (This one really matters; most vets have thicker skins and darker senses of humor) Do I think it was a simple mistake? How long have I known the person? All of that gets factored together quickly before I reply in any fashion. When I do reply it is generally either: A) Make statements/ask questions in such a a manner as to allow them a graceful way out B) Ignore and attempt to change topic C) Set (sarcasm) blasters to kill
  2. Happy New Years!! Hopefully, this isn't any of you this morning. It's not me; we stayed up 'till midnight, saw in the new year, and went to bed. I had one glass of mead.
  3. I won't be online after this, so I'm posting it now.
  4. Not necessarily; don't forget, Scotty wore a red shirt too.
  5. Good stuff, you've been pretty busy this year!
  6. That's a fantastic paint job! As Darcstaar mentioned, you're going to need to link your pictures, though. As wonderfully painted as she is, she's breaking the no nudity rule.
  7. Got my box back yesterday. I believe that means we are done!
  8. Much like @Mad Jack, I can relate. I've definitely had those thoughts about the snow plow driver. I'm glad that he had such excellent foresight!
  9. I forgot to ask in my previous post: @Glitterwolf, or anyone who knows/has an opinion: How is that Army Painter sealer compared to Testors dull coat?
  10. Hand made soft pretzels and various specialty mustards as referenced in the acquisitions thread, a selection of summer sausages and cheeses from Swiss Colony, crackers, and various other finger food/snack type items.
  11. Both versions are absolutely fantastic!! I really like the abandoned house version, you did a great job of making the house seamlessly fit onto the base.
  12. For Christmas, I got a Reaper gift certificate, an Amazon gift certificate, a new electric razor, and a new pair of moccasins. There was also some fresh handmade soft pretzels with various specialty mustards, and a red velvet cake from a local mom and pop bakery. The cake is already gone as are about a quarter of the pretzels. The rest of the pretzels are going to be had as part of our finger food/party snack tray that we'll have on New Years Eve.
  13. I've got some of both of those brands, too. I thought I heard that Testor's Model Master had also gotten the axe, but a quick check of their website says otherwise. They have cut down on the number of colors, though. No. It just doesn't make me think death metal at all. Honestly, with the funky spelling, it makes me think of just about anything other than metal. Obituary, Six Feet Under, Suffocation are all good names (and already being used) for a death metal band. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In other news, apparently I have done something to annoy the squirrels in my neighborhood. I just took the recycling outside and one squirrel sat up about 10 feet up up in my tree and just chattered at me the whole time I was outside.
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