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  1. THANKS!! These are exactly what I've been looking for... And I got to say, you guys blew my mind with the idea of using blue or turquoise! Using grey was such the obvious answer that I didn't consider anything else. I'm assuming that you would use blue because it's a cooler (color tone, not level of awesomeness) color, so purple would work for the same reason?
  2. I'm still fairly new to painting miniatures... But, I would like to paint an assassin/rouge/ninja type miniature wearing all black but I don't want it to look like I just dipped it in black paint. I want to learn how to paint where the black fades to a white light spot. I've tried to copy what I've seen of finished miniatures but it looks terrible. Does anyone know of a step by step tutorial that can help me with this?
  3. I use something similar to these, http://www.harborfreight.com/catalogsearch/result?q=third+hand or key word search "third hand" I bough three of these when harbor freight was having a sale, took them a part at the wing nuts and rebuilt them into all sorts of great set ups. I rebuilt one so it just has one alligator clip on the end of the long rod and another with just the magnifying glass at the end, works much better that way instead of the original design.
  4. I have an old canvas from a painting 101 class, the size of a piece of paper, I started off using it as a tray for priming a lot of figures at once. Eventually I started using it to wipe the excess paint off my brush instead of a paper towel and naturally it turned into a test pad for colors as it would have all the colors I've been using on it already. The canvas gets "cleaned" every time I prime more figures too. However, reading through these posts I'm thinking of trying out some other ideas.
  5. Thanks for the offer, but my local store is getting one too and I'm waiting to see if they part it out like they did with the promotional. I was already able to buy a dozen of the ones I really wanted at a dollar a piece from the promotionals they had last weekend.
  6. This weekend I went to my local gaming store to get a new detail brush. As I walk past a counter, out of the corner of my eye I caught a glimpse of that unmistakable white of the Bones figures. They had a box of Bones on the counter! They weren't packaged for resale, each figure was in a simple cellophane bag and the store was selling the small ones at $1 a piece. I recognized them as items from the KS so I asked the guy at the counter if they had gotten their KS order. He laughed and said "No, still waiting on that." He explained that they had gotten these particular Bones as a promotional from their vender because they were a member of something or another, I don't remember what he said because at that point I was already digging through the box. He did manage to get my attention back when he said they would probably be selling their KS in the same manner when they get it. tl:dr Call your local game stores and see if any of them have the promotionals already for sale. Oddly, the Reaper website didn't have my local store listed as a vender...
  7. I'm still confused by that. i see (at least) two different scenarios that would make it true, and each has a very different way of avoiding the cost explosion. 1. they would have kept adding more free stuff, eventually making vampire a larger and large loss for each one. 2. the added cost would have come from trying to rush more models through in the same timeframe (faster costs more). The first is solved by capping the free add-ons. The second by having staggered release for later backers. Really, the first rule of problem solving is to make sure you understand which problem you are solving. I'll admit I don't fully understand the problem. But here's an out of the box thought I'm just going to throw out here, what if they did multiple tiers of the same set, like Vampire set, but the difference in prices affected delivery date. So like the Vampire set at $100 would be delivered in 6 months, at $110/5 months, and so on to $150/next month delivery. Actual prices and delivery time would depend on factual data that Reaper has, but that would be one way to off set rushed production cost. As well as, giving a justifiable incentive to paying more or less for the same items. Also, it would defuse any negative public relations garnered from pushed back delivery dates because the backer was able to choose when they wanted it delivered. Plus, it would give them a way to prioritize shipping so they wouldn't have to wait to have ALL the orders ready to go at the same time.However, this is all based on the assumption that now that they have their own production equipment they can produce and ship at their own pace and not have to wait for a large inventory order to come from China before shipping to backers. Also, I don't know anything about production process, could just be more cost affective to make ALL of a single miniature one at a time then it is to make complete sets at a time.
  8. Sigh, I just noticed the “April Release” note on the Preview Gallery items has been changed to “June Release.” Reaper! Why are you playing games with my heart!
  9. I get the impression that Reaper is trying to proactively lower the expectations of the would be teeth gnashers by honestly stating they over did it with the last Kickstart. At least that's the impression I get from what I've read here on the forum. People won't jump on board as rapidly, but that's probably a good thing too seeing how much they over shot their goal and bogged down their distribution. I would think the next KS would be a great way to clear out their inventory of “made in China” pieces...
  10. Usually I don't have a problem with this stuff. It's just the economic rule of supply and demand. For someone like me who missed out on the Kickstarter having a chance to buy one after the fact, with a reasonable mark up like the $200 - $300 one, could be considered a fair service. It's just a matter of how great the demand is, my demand is less then $250. But the problem I have with that particular sale is the way it says $2.5k value. The description clearly says it's based on the equivalent prices of the metal counter parts, but it's still just false advertising. It's like saying “they have a value of $50k, if they were made out of gold, btw they're not made out of gold.” *End rant
  11. Thanks for all the info and advice! I took a look at eBay and found one for $270. I then took a closer look at each miniature in the set and figured there's about 20% of them I actually want. The other 80% would most likely be gifted out or stored away. I would be fine with this at $100, but over $250 is getting a little uncomfortable. So I think I'll be patient and buy the ones I really want when they come available. AND, I'll definitely keep an eye out for any future Kickstarters they have... But why would they have another Kickstarter? Didn't they raise far and above their goal of $30K, by like $3.5 million! I'm working under an understanding that Kickstarter is a way for potential businesses to raise starting capital, I would think Bones now has enough to be well on their way.
  12. I only learned about Reaper Miniatures in February and ordered my first Bones minis in March and I love them. I recently learned about the Kickstarter project that ran last year and I can't believe what everyone is getting for a $100 contribution. IS THERE ANY WAY TO GET IN ON THAT DEAL? Sadly, I know I'm a day late and a dollar short but I felt I needed to at least ask. My real question is, does anyone know when the Kickstarter pieces will actually be available to buy on the website? I see a few of them are listed under “previews” to be released this month and I'm all set to be notified when they are. But what about all the other pieces in the Kickstarter Vampire Level (like the Griffon) will they be released this month too or later?
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