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  1. DapperDan

    Egyptian Group

    My players are going to encounter all these guys coming up. The Sobek and Anubis figures are (as some have figured out after buying them) meant to be statues. What I wanted to do with them was give a ancient/worn/chipped paint look...like you see on tomb walls in Egypt. The Mummy Lord is holding a glowing skull I put in after the fact...again, there is an in game reason for that one. Didn't spend as much time on them as I usually would just because I wanted to get them done for the game but I think the turned out pretty well all things considered. Here is the whole group (link due to topless sorceress) http://imgur.com/wi0gVjA More of her...http://i.imgur.com/vDP1o9O.jpg http://i.imgur.com/bFMqNM6.jpg
  2. DapperDan

    Rainbow (Assorted Minis)

    Yep. When I first started, picking up #1 and 0 daVinci kolinsky sable brushes off amazon made a huge difference.
  3. DapperDan

    03513: Kriv Blackspear, Dragonman Barbarian

    Whenever I want something to look glossy (eye, mouth, scales, sweat, etc) I just paint on a thin layer of Realistic Water.
  4. Apparently I drew inspiration from Bowser for this color scheme. I really think one of my favorite parts of this figure ended up being his bag. I like how the shield came out as well.
  5. DapperDan

    Dealers of Devastation

    Great job all around but I agree the rust needs a special mention, it's fantastic!
  6. DapperDan

    77091: Nienna, Female Elf Ranger

    Nope. It's a combination of Realistic Water and Water Effects from Woodland Scenics. The water effects I've also used to make fire. It's commonly used to make waterfalls and rushing water on larger miniatures.
  7. DapperDan

    77091: Nienna, Female Elf Ranger

    Thanks! I wanted to use her as a bad guy in game so purple it was!
  8. DapperDan

    77054: Galladon, Male Wizard

    I like the choice to make his robes white...you don't see that as often. Nice job!
  9. DapperDan

    01531: Kyrie, Female Barbarian

    Damn, Wren.....everything about that is just wonderful. Great work!
  10. DapperDan

    50215: Silver Marksman, Super Heroine

    Realistic Water in a few layers to build up the spots around her feet. I did some dry brushing on top of the crests to give color then one more thin layer of the realistic water to give the shine.
  11. DapperDan

    77091: Nienna, Female Elf Ranger

    Last one for now... I wanted to do a bit MORE with the water effects this time, shes coming down log moving towards a very fast moving river. So, splashing whitewater up onto the base of the log. Not bad. I learned some things I would and wouldn't do next time so I'll have to find a mini to work with!
  12. This one I somewhat sped through to get to the base....I wanted to try a water effect. Pretty straight forward, I wanted her to be standing on the edge of a running river. Thought it turned out pretty well.
  13. DapperDan

    60010: Xanesha, Lamia Matriarch

    Still need to work out how I want to fit her into my game but I'm really looking forward to using her. This figure was a little different in that I thought about the base first, where would she be. Once I settled on desert, that dictated the color and pattern of her skin. I've given some thought to painting the same figure one or two more times with different environments leading to different looks of her skin/outfit.
  14. DapperDan

    Glaze Recipes

    Even if you don't have a set ratio you use, what consistency do you look for in your glaze when compared to straight from the bottle paint or a wash?
  15. DapperDan

    Glaze Recipes

    I just want to get a few various points of view on this one. What do you all use, ratio wise, for your glazes? I'm looking to get a solid idea on what the consistency should be as well as different additives other than water and how you have found them to help/hinder the process. I' want to try as many ideas as possible so feel free to pile on the suggestions! Oh, and I usually use Reaper Master Series Paints and Metallics. Thanks!