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  1. Ah okay, Thank you! That is actually really useful to know. This will be my first Reaper convention and only second convention ever, so I'm still figuring out how to interpret a lot of the information for things.
  2. Lol, I didn't think so but I wasn't sure so I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.
  3. Question from the classes showing up so far in the list; the Bobby Jackson/Gene Van Horne Combo on Saturday from 4-6, is that more of a lecture or will there be hands on practice in Zbrush for that set?
  4. And make sure that you do this! Must remember to do this for this year... Oh wow alright, I'll definitely remember to do this! Thanks everyone!
  5. Thanks for the reference Pegazus! That is definitely useful to know for reference.
  6. Just one last thought. I mentioned print quality, and its definitely an issue with the photograph of the mini you posted. You can see the layers on the mini as the 3D printer built up the model. You either need a much better quality printer or be prepared to fix that in your prep stages. Thank you for the feedback! I totally agree with you. I made that more as a proof of concept than anything else. Always wanted a dreadnought, but could never convince myself to pick one up. printer I have can go down to .02mm and that was printed at .1mm, additionally I was purposely playing with overhangs to see what I could and couldn't expect to come out well. I may make a post about what I've learned from it, but I figure that is best for a different forum section.
  7. Thank you for the reply's and information everyone! I'm happy to hear I should be able to consider entering a 3D model into the competition. I only live a couple hours away from the convention and have thought about going a couple times. Maybe this years the year!
  8. Hello! I have a question on the upcoming ReaperCon this year. For the Master series paint open contest rules on the page https://reapercon.com/contestI could not find anything regarding personally designed Models that an artist 3D prints and then paints. for use as an example: That is my first attempt at a model I personally designed in Blender, and then printed, in the style of warhammer 40k, though as a mention I really like the look of the grav-flux bombard from forgeworld so I created a very close facsimile of it for my model. Under the rules I'm seeing I'm assuming that in the Painters Division it would not matter if it is 3D printed given the source of the model is not given consideration, just the prep and painting quality. However I'm curious what, if any, the ruling on 3D designed and printed models are in the Open Division. Given the rules and the scoring system, sculpted models are judged by design originality, creativity, difficulty, etc, would a custom designed 3D printed model enjoy the same criteria for judging, or would it even be welcome in this division? Arguably this could extend to the diorama and vehicle division as well given the criteria in those. I would like to argue that 3D designed and printed models should be welcome in any division; my design time alone for the model I gave as an example was clocked at 60+ hours. And while my tools and medium are different than a clay or greenstuff sculptor, I don't put any less passion or hard work into it.
  9. Thank for your suggestions both of you. sounds like the krylon stuff is what I will check out next. I think I'll try using it on a quickly painted scrap piece though, see how it looks.
  10. Hello. Thought I would share the very first 2 miniatures I've ever painted; the space marine was painted first and then the scarabs were painted second. I really like the effect basing adds to a miniature, kind of like providing a background to a drawn character. I did a lot of reading up and watching videos and looking at examples before attempting these, and I can definitely tell I need to develop some muscle memory for my painting hand. Feel free to ask questions or provide some advice/pointers. The space marine looks like he does because I tried putting a sealant coat on him after the paint job to protect him (Citadel's Purity Seal spray can) but it didn't do what I wanted and, in my opinion, degraded the figure. If anyone has any better alternative products that would work to protect the miniature without compromising the paint job please please please leave a comment with your suggestion. Thank you.
  11. I was shopping for some paints and I noticed a possible typo (?) in the paint shop.. paint 9036, is text labeled as pale olive but the color image text says swamp green. While paint 9175 is text labeled as swamp green and the color image text is also swamp green. I made my paint order based on the color itself, but this struck me as I was scrolling through. edit- to whomever saw my original thread I posted thank you for moving it here. I saw this right after I posted and was going back to move it and noticed the thread removed ;
  12. what I haven't really seen much of is a variety of zombies and zombie fighters. not fantasy zombies but i mean post-apocalyptic zombies... you know, normal clothing zombies (businessman, police, preppy kid.. not D&D styled. I have yet to find any only upper torso crawling zombies, the random survivors (either with any of the popular gun options(shotgun or rifle, maybe handgun), axe, bow or crossbow).
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