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  1. One thing to remember is that 'white' horses can have two skin colors, it may be either black (horse is called 'gray') or pink (horse is called 'white'). More of the base color will show through in the shadows or anywhere the horse may be wet (around the saddle, etc.) White horses usually have white, pink, or brown hooves, while gray horses usually have black. As Uber-Mensch said, keep in mind that they will reflect the colors around them as well.
  2. Yes, Ghost White has a blue gray tint, factory white should be pure.
  3. Stuff from the exchange: http://puppy-dangerous.deviantart.com/gallery/43380800
  4. Hehheh we spent a lot of time there...
  5. Photos from Reapercon, DispatchDave may have posted some of these. http://puppy-dangerous.deviantart.com/gallery/43360928
  6. I have a resin figure with several layers of paint that need to come off. I'm very attached to it so I don't want to damage it removing the paint. Should I just try Simple Green or is there something else I should use?
  7. daveswife


    Yes, this was awesome. Very well run and organized with super great staff. I'm completely addicted. Can't wait for next year! Thanks again to everybody who made the con happen and I hope to get to know everybody better.
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