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  1. We're going to rescale what needs it. !)
  2. Hahaha. No, just a cool shape. !)
  3. I think this is the way CAV is supposed to be. Machines drop quickly. Embrace it! Awesome stuff. Good lessons learned. !)
  4. You're imagining things. It's just as awesome as when you first looked at it. !)
  5. Next is Ghost and Charger ($38,000), and after that Duelist and Banshee ($47,000). !)
  6. One More! One More! Well, hopefully a crap-ton more, but One More, for now. !)
  7. Hey, everybody! The latest version of the program is up. CAVFMv1728 Old files will need to be updated, so just use the Batch Update option in the File menu. Let me know if anything is broken.
  8. Glad it was a simple fix. !)
  9. I've checked the .zip file from http://talon-games.com/downloads/CP/CAVFMv1122.zip and confirmed all the files are present and in the proper folders... I don't know how it could have extracted without also extracting those files. You can open up the .zip file you have and see if those files are in the data folder. Maybe the sub folders didn't extract? Or you can download the .zip again and open it and make sure you're getting a proper transfer, though if it was broken, you shouldn't be able to open it at all. Anyway, confirm whether the files are present in the archive, then we can see about either making sure you get the proper archive or figure out why it's not extracting properly...
  10. My GM ran me through this adventure last night, great fun, brutal and hilarious. I recommend a group of 5 in the middle of the range, for maximum pain. !) There is a lot of good grind punctuated by great ancounters, from scary to funny to anoying, and still fun. Descriptions are fantastic and setups are great. This adventure gives a lot of great ideas for other dungeons as well. It shows how with a little, cleaver re-imagining even the mundane can be threatening. [spoilers] Just about every room has somethign wonderful in it, but here are my highlights. Frog Killer (now coined Death Tongue) was awesome. Troll Mummy, another great monster. Suggest having two, if the party is on the high end. The Gibbering Mouther with the Rats was the fight we had the most difficulty with, for some reason. No one got diseased, but it was the longest fight in the adventure. Best part, by far, the Gremlin Mischief. Saving that random chart for future use. Illusionist lost all her hair, I wound up green for two weeks and the Paladin got a potion of lesser healing. Priceless. [/spoilers]
  11. Models in CAVCP/FM which have '(2) in the name are legacy models. They are from an earlier version of CAV and won't be converted into Bones.
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