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  1. ... and now I know why mine has been sitting in the unfinished box. Excellent work, it looks great.
  2. Mmm. My workbench is a bit of a mess right now... and no green at the moment. I've been working on some L5R/ClanWars Doji House Guard, so lots of blue and white.
  3. I've run this at conventions a couple of times and folk really enjoyed it, I'd love to play more.
  4. I was just recently introduced to Test of Honour -- Liking the system a lot. Went out and splurged on some minis from GCT Studios' Bushido setting and dug out my old L5R Clan Wars stuff. Just two of us for now but hoping we can get a group going.
  5. I have tried Reaper's brush-on primer on both metal and bonesium and been very disappointed. I do not seem to get the kind of even coat that I am used to with Vallejo's equivalent. Am I perhaps not mixing it well enough? It seems to be a thinner consistency than the VMC primer.
  6. Eagerly awaiting the iOS version as well. I've been using "paint pot" but it does not update quickly if at all.
  7. A friend I knew (Froggy! You here?) would go over them with steel wool. (And then ink the bare metal, for robot types...)
  8. Picked up a couple of these when they hit the shelves, haven't had much chance to play around with them yet. Gonna try the blue for police uniforms for my pulp stuff, see how that turns out. Green for lizard-types out of the Bones 4.
  9. Any suggestions on how to use the inks? How do they compare to, say, modern GW washes?
  10. Yep. Went down and checked around where I'd found it, found a few more. Emerald Green, Lemon Yellow, Flesh Tone, and Wood Tone inks, and a Sample bottle that looks like it might've been meant to be olive drab at some point.
  11. The pot I have looks a little greener than that, TBH. That's the right number and name, though.
  12. I have an old pot of "Bloodstone" from the long-discontinued Reaper Pro Paints line. It's a lovely color, a greenish sort of turquoise. And still in remarkably good shape, surprisingly, I still use it now and again. Anyone know if a matching color is available anywhere else, in case I need to replace this?
  13. She comes with the "Female Cultists" set, and you can specifically order her as a singleton. The photography isn't that good, I need to practice with the camera more. I've been doing a lot of practice lately with layering and blending and hoping that it would come across - they look a lot better in person. I'll be color-coding the bases - gold for stars, silver for co-stars, and a faction color for extras. I really like how they turned out, I was going for an almost stained-glass look.
  14. I've been starting work on Crooked Dice's "Children of the Fields" set, having received my rewards from their kickstarter campaign, and tried getting some pictures of the cultists I've done so far.
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