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  1. I also got a shipping notice, 25.7 pounds arriving on 4/16. Seems heavy for only 20 miniatures. Wave 1 and locked in 9/10 for those of you keeping track of such things.
  2. Can anyone post some pictures of Argent, maybe a picture comparing him to one of the previous large dragons. Also some pictures of the snake cultists. If they've already been posted just let me know, I've been trying to keep up but i might have missed them. Thanks
  3. Matthew Clark posted this as a response to when shipping will resume on the Facebook page: We are loading containers for the UK and AU this week. We don't have room to continue until we finish this. Then we will do Canada and load containers for there. Then we will start Wave one.
  4. Those dark dwarves really look awesome but when do we get demogorgon?
  5. I'm guessing everything didn't go as planned. Does next week look likely for shipping?
  6. Mine says Thursday too and has been sitting at the Dallas hub since last night no matter how many times i reload.
  7. Just received my confirmation that my package received postage. I had locked in on 8/21.
  8. So, Ma'al Drakar does come in a box? I thought we weren't getting the retail packaging.
  9. It wasn't me, I'm North LV, NV .... and also wave 2.
  10. Well throw up some pictures! What did you get??
  11. When did the pledge manager open? I know i got my email stating that it was open in 8/21/15 but I wasn't sure if they sent those emails at different times.
  12. I noticed that with savage avatars 1 and 2 expansions there is the same rhino guy. Is that correct or are they going to change the rhino in expansion 2?
  13. I would like to see all the typical large group figures such as orcs, lizardmen, skeletons, guards, townsfolk, etc., but would like multiple paint schemes. Either with different skin colors or different color armor or gear.
  14. I would like to see a Bahamut dragon the same size as Ma'al Drakor. The figure should have a matching base so the two figures could face each other. Maybe have an extra terrain piece that would go in the middle so they aren't so close.
  15. thank you, I figured someone had to ask before me but I couldn't find the thread.
  16. Does anyone know when the next batch of bones 2 figures will be released?
  17. Goroloth is about 7" long and 4" wide.
  18. Reaper should start producing clear bases for flying figures.
  19. I wish the fulfillment tracker was connected to google maps so every time a new city popped up I could see where it's located. Maybe add a fun fact of the city also.
  20. Hobgoblins, birdmen (some with raven heads and some with hawk heads), snakemen, goblins riding worgs, kobolds riding lizards, skeletons riding undead horses, ghosts or wraiths in the different clear colors, crocodiles, large size skeletons and zombies, giant bees or wasps, tigers, saber tooth tigers, weretigers, and stirges
  21. I would like to see 60078 Khavith, Serpentfolk Evoker 03350 Young Forest Dragon 03430 Young Swamp Dragon 14505 Brood of Payanak, Reptus Cavalry 02549 Narthalyssk
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