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    Starter Box idea

    I would rather not call it a 'Starter' box then, if it doesn't have rules in it. I would much rather have it called, like, a battleforce box or something.
  2. Thank you very much! Gonna be doing some homework over the weekend, but hopefully, I'll have time to work on the other Ronin.
  3. Right right... Anyway, here's what I managed to accomplish today. I rather like how it came out. Please pardon the huge image. Still doing work on the base and touching up on a few places before giving her the sealant treatment.
  4. It wasn't just you, there were a few other folks as well. So yes, totally demanding. :P
  5. Ey Folks, It was demanded that I throw up some images of what I'm working on. While I wait for my other units to come in the mail (Archer, Talon, Raptor, Starhawk VI, Thunderbird, Regent, you know, a whole bunch of Terran units), I decided to start getting things together and begin the painting process on some of the miniatures I bought at ReaperCon. I have two main projects I'm working on at this time. The first is, obviously, a Terran force. Yes, I bought two Ronins, because they performed very well in the Demos I played during ReaperCon. These guys were just overall mean. I put the unpainted miniature beside the other (base-coated) miniature in order to let people know what I was painting. I'm currently having to use my tablet's camera for this, so I guess it's not as terrible as it could be. Definitely going to have to locate my more professional camera though. Target color scheme for the Terran force will probably be either an old forest camoflage (think US ARMY BDUs), or perhaps just a regular olive drab. I haven't fully decided yet. The second project is an independant force. Independant Salvagers. Basically, they fill the vital role of battlefield repair and salvage on an ad hoc basis. If a major battle or skirmish has taken place--and a regular military recovery unit is too far away--Independant salvagers will usually arrive to repair damaged units and recover wreckage of damaged units (for a nominal fee). You would be surprised how often they would be attacked by pirates or enemy forces of the clientele, so they have to defend themselves from time to time as well Despite some opinions that the units look too humanoid and have functioning hands, I find that the theme of the Independant Salvagers works very well with the humanoid shape. It gives them a distinct look (helping warn against friendly fire and "friendly" fire), and one would be surprised how a giant set of fully articulate hands would be useful in salvage operations. To indicate their 'typical' non-combat role (even though they would find themselves in dangerous situations from time to time), they would likely be painted in the same colors as common construction equipment, Yellow and Black. Of course, with some safety cone orange mixed in as well. I plan on having a few bigger units later on for this force for 'protection' purposes during salvage operations, so they won't be completely defenseless. Most of the units above would more than likely have utilitarian equipment, such as blowtorches, sealant guns, rivet guns, etc, instead of the military grade weaponry found on CAV units of similar make. At least, that's the mental image I get. If you all have any suggestions, please let me know!
  6. Are those all the miniatures you were talking about in ReaperCon? The Katana, was it?
  7. Absolutely, Kane. Once I get things with college courses finished up, I'm definitely going to have some quality time with my paint brushes, that's for certain! EDIT: That reminds me. Where can I get the data cards that were used in the Demo? The ones on the main Reaper site seem to be different than the ones we used.
  8. Yep, I was the guy in the Cultist Crossing T-Shirt. Absolutely amazing games, thanks! Totally ordering up myself a Terran Force now.
  9. Big shout out to those that ran the CAV demos at ReaperCon this year. I had an absolute blast playing it on Saturday and Sunday. Could not make a Target Lock to save my life, but hey, it was a great series of games all the same. Definitely interested in playing the game a lot more!
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