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  1. Actually they are like that. Usually they sell for $10 each in Tre's online store, so you get $2 off each one by doing the KS and you help him expand his line. So for 17 figures they'd normally be $170 + shipping, but in this case you get them for $136 + shipping, that's $34 off retail price = 4 free figures!! I'm not familiar with this line of minis or the normal pricing, so that's good to know that. In the end though, it's all about the perception. People will usually buy more when they perceive to be getting a deal over normal. I really like the minis, so I think I'll pick some up here.
  2. These look great but I have to admit that the coupon clipper in me was hoping for a buy-10-get-1-free kind of thing.
  3. Assuming stretch goals are met, the image on the home page shows you what you could build, which should include 3 2x2 frames, and 3 2x3 frames. Plus I imagine they'll release a frame pack along the way.
  4. Compatibility with DF? Yes and no: http://upworks.com/upworks-df-compatibility
  5. Ah.. that's kind of a bummer. To be honest, I didn't even notice the bevel until it was pointed out. Now I can't stop looking at it, and I do prefer the straight to the bevel.
  6. How about you let the campaign start, let Jeff answer his FAQ, let him respond to how he intends to do his addons, and let the campaign unfold a bit before you jump down his throat with accusations and such. He has requested feedback, so clearly, just like before, he's open to suggestion. Then, if you don't like what you see, just don't back.
  7. I'd be willing to bet you see an unbevelled crenellation during the campaign. Perhaps as an addon like the curved towers and ruin pieces. My paint jobs look better than factory, so I prefer to paint my own. It is an interesting decision though, because I think painted sets outsold unpainted in the last DF campaign.
  8. This was was posted to the KS page. Looks like DF compatibility is in: Jeff said: I am crafting a DF-compatible insert for the Kickstarter page. It is a little complicated. I will answer a lot of your questions in the FAQ around Noon Central. We can't post it until AFTER we launch. Thanks again!
  9. I guess I don't understand the negativity (or at least the skepticalness) of the comments in this forum. If Stefan has already said this idea is not his, and in fact he has his own ideas which he'll also bring to market, and Jeff has fulfilled his obligation for the delivery of the second DF kickstarter to a degree that it might actually fulfill early (as we found out earlier today in the update), what's the problem with him taking his idea to market for the benefit of all of us? If production can deliver what the Kickstarter says it can (a concern shared in all Kickstarters) than this should be a really cool product. In fact, whether I back this, or Stefan's product (once it launches) building UP is exactly what I've been looking for.
  10. Here's a painting video. Those pieces look pretty close to DF pieces. I can't remember how big the lip is on the underside of a DF piece, but it appears to be pretty close: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ei3ycZNWG-Y&feature=youtu.be
  11. Yeah, two sets of DF caverns came with 52 pieces (before stretch goals) for $145. The Grand Tower here will cost you $140 and you'll get 43 pieces. So assuming no stretch goals, it's about .50/piece more expensive out of the gate for Upworks. I don't think previous DF campaigns allowed stretch goals below two sets did they? So buy in for stretch goals appears to be slightly cheaper over caverns (though PPP is higher)? How about that push to get people to buy in to the Castle tier though. The first stretch goal you unlock at that tier is the entire fortress level! That's gotta be the best (in terms of value) stretch goal I've ever seen. Sorry if I sound like a fan boy, I've just really been looking forward to building UP for a long time.
  12. They sent out an email previewing the campaign to anyone who was regsitered through TrueDungeon. Not sure if I should post a link to the preview campaign here, but happy to do so if no one else objects.
  13. $140 for the grand tower. Includes stretch goals. $40 higher buy-in than I was hoping for, but still this is pretty cool so I'll likely be a buyer. Interesting that their posted graphic also includes what you can build with all possible stretch goals. So you can see in advance what the stretch goals will be. Looks like if you unlock everything, you'll round about double your pieces.
  14. They updated their website to a login interface only... Wasn't expecting that. Anxious for this to launch tomorrow though, and wouldn't mind another teaser to get me through the the day.
  15. Well there you go. Jeff took his ideas for building up to kickstarter, and Stefan has had his own ideas of how to do it for years. No more need to speculate who the bad guy is or if intellectual property was taken. They have different ideas, and they're both going to act on it.
  16. Can't picture myself needing to build any large castles and such, but small keeps, towers, multi-level dungeons, and especially the ruins at the end of the video, absofreakinlutely! This is really what I was wanting out of Dwarven Forge KS 1&2. Right now I can (and do) build multi level with my DF pieces, but it's a royal pain in the butt to do so, and even then, going beyond a second story is an even bigger pain in the butt, and not worth the hassle. This allows you to build, stage, plan, and play through 3+ levels no problem. I really like that.
  17. Sorry if this has been asked before, but am I supposed to be waiting for an email to lock in my pledge? Haven't received one yet, and just wanted to make sure that I should be waiting for it.
  18. Ok thanks guys. I'll grab some cork. One more question. Concerning making blocks of stone for the floor... would it be better to tear individual blocks from the cork board and then piece them together, or tear a larger square and then kind of gouge the cork board with some kind of tool to make the dividing line between stones?
  19. I'm (virtually) brand new to mini painting. I've painted some tanks, and just finished painting my first bones figure. I'd like to start working on basing too and was wondering if anyone could give me some material advice on how I could create a base that looked like a stone floor. Very similar to what you see here: I've got the paints, I think. But what material is being used there to actually build the stones? Thanks!
  20. Stole an early bird last night. There can only be 1... err... 2,000.
  21. Even if they didn't clear $60k profit from the kickstarter itself they should make up for it in other areas. I missed the first KS, but have spent over $100 cherry picking retail what I liked from it, and just unloaded another $100 on paints/brushes/accessories (all Reaper).
  22. I think we'd say that we need bigger photos for a tough critique. Details! We need details! Check the imgr link he posted. It has larger pictures. Thanks again for posting the recipe! Great insight for noobie painters like myself.
  23. That large fire elemental rocks. New to this forum. Is it taboo to ask what paint colors you used? I have this model on the way to me now.
  24. I submit that the bases are a treat, and the underwater things were the trick.... I'll need 50 2" bases also to make up for it, Reaper.... ;) ^^^ /Debbie Downer
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