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  1. Is it teasing or taunting to put up the donkey green right before the 12 Days of Reaper? Not that I have the other pieces yet, but if I did I'd be anxious for the next one. I was hoping to get the next piece this year during the twelve days of reaper, but it seems like a no go. I was really expecting wise man 2 and not a donkey.
  2. Just wondering if I missed it and cannot find it, but is there a new piece for The Nativity this year?
  3. Took a quick scan through the forum and could not find the answer to my question. I pretty religiously use Testor's Glosscote followed by Testor's Dullcote on all my miniatures. Then usually hit the metal areas with Glosscote again. Does anyone know how this works for the Bones material? I know the Bones are supposed to be really durable, but I still like to seal in the paint job (and make certain parts glossy).
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