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  1. I received the 3d prints last week, so I spent the weekend making molds and doing resin casting. Here are some of the resin casts I made. These figures are available now in my Kickstarter. :-)
  2. Wow cool! Thanks for posting my project on here. I really appreciate the help! Mark
  3. Our project is in the final 2 days. Please check it out and tell your friends. Thanks!
  4. Kickstarter Update : We have decided to unlock Tami a little bit early, so she is now available as an add-on for $7. She is a cute miniature and very fun to paint. Next up we have our Second Stretch Goal, set at $1,000! Voting is now open, so backers can vote between Kenziee and Eldondale. We look forward to seeing which one will win this vote.
  5. I posted some unpainted pics of both Eldondale and Tami on our Kickstarter page. I agree, the unpainted pics look better than the ones I painted. I like to paint, but i need to level up really soon. Thanks for the encouragement! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/670874743/anime-miniatures-28mm-minis-for-painting-gaming-fa
  6. Thanks for the suggestions regarding Tami and Eldondale. I will get some unpainted pics of both models posted later today. :-)
  7. Thanks Sae. I appreciate the update, I hadn't seen that thread yet.
  8. Hello Everyone - We are launching our Kickstarter tonight, April 20, 2015. We hope you all can check it out! It will feature Misaki the Fire Girl, and more minatures will be unlocked along the way. Misaki turned out to be absolutely beautiful, and you can check out close up pics of her on our website. http://www.mkadventures.com/ Thanks for everyone's support! We have been working hard on this, and are ready with Production Metals in hand. Yes, the pictures of the painted Misaki on our website are from the Production Molds... Thanks!
  9. Happy Holidays from M&K! We have released a Holiday Unicorn, free to Cherry Blossom Level 1 and above.
  10. We have videos of painted miniatures ! Kiva on her special Kickstarter Exclusive Base, along with Mace, and Perla. Please visit our Kickstarter page to view them : http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/670874743/anime-miniatures
  11. Hi MissMelons - We hope you get better! Thanks for your interest in our project. We appreciate it. Have a Happy Holidays!
  12. Hi Arkady - If we can fit more than 6 figures in the small box, we will do that. Some figures are bigger than others (Kiva for instance is larger due to her "blasting off" from the ground, and Misaki is actually 2 figures together). We tried to estimate how many we could fit in the box based on average sizes, and with the addition of bubble wrap for extra protection. Feel free to send any other questions. We appreciate your interest in our project. :-)
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