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  1. https://www.facebook.com/SecretWeaponMiniatures/videos/214667366301605/
  2. So great news - looks like all of the wood themes will be released! They're not in the pledge manager yet, but will be. Also, here's a link to the Secret Weapon Miniatures youtube channel - there are three demo videos I filmed showing how you can easily customize these bases if it strikes your fancy! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCndR4v5UIxt419XPVcqfOVw
  3. @WhiteWulfe - We do not currently have plans to release a 70mm base. Wood bases! Have a favorite?
  4. And, it's live again! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/secretweapon/hd-bases-by-secret-weapon-miniatures-0
  5. Hi Disciple of Sakura. $50 will be our lowest price point for this Kickstarter relaunch.
  6. I also wanted to address a question I had read before on the last thread regarding how much texture the bases already had. I took some time this weekend to play around and do some spot repainting, and full repainting. Hope this helps as well!
  7. A message from Secret Weapon: Big news time everyone! As many of our pledgers know, we need to adjust the Kickstarter - On the positive, we have a good amount of backers and we know that MANY of you are waiting to up your pledges. We have had a really positive response to the product itself, and lots of interest on the customer and retail side. We deeply appreciate this and your support. BUT - we have a good amount of backers who are opting to wait on their $1 pledge. This is entirely our fault. We caused this when we locked our core offering behind stretch goals. There i
  8. @WhiteWulfe - Right now these are the four themed sets we have planned for Infinity: We do not, at this time, have plans to release specific army themed box sets.
  9. Here are some photos of miniatures on the bases that also show the texture and depth of them! And anything on the base that looks like it's metallic is actually NMM.
  10. Hi Disciple of Sakura! I'm working to get photos of the bases taken so that you can see the relief and texture. Stay tuned for an update here in a little bit!
  11. LOL - nope. My hair was Pthalo green with a bit of neon at the hairline. Just a still frame from a video shot of me climbing over a table while wearing giant platforms. :D https://www.facebook.com/tishwolter/videos/10209035692383935/
  12. Thank you all for the help and answers. @Clever Crow - I bought 2 pots of liquitex inks, but it seems to me that they have an opacity to them (like there is white in the ink). Maybe I just picked the wrong ones? I'm looking for intense color that is translucent. And it sounds like the Tamiya clears are far too goopy for what I'm looking for. I painted the below model many years ago, using the GW Purple ink as my shade, and it produced an effect that I haven't been able to replicate since. :(
  13. I've been a painter for quite a while, and have yet to find anything that comes close to the old hex pot GW inks. Has anyone used the Tamiya Clear colors? If so, are the dilutable, will they eat my brush, and do they handle dilution the same as regular acrylic paint? Thanks all!
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