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  1. makes sight for the unseen.

  2. Useless Fact #782.3: The models of the Big O series mechs available from Max Factory... Are to-scale for Classic Battletech. They don't say so on the website, but a quick number crunch shows them at 1/300th scale. Big O Big Duo Big Fau How do you go about statting 5000 ton mechs, eh?
  3. You're watching the wrong Gundams. Try 0083 (with Mr. Monsha) or 08th MS Team.
  4. I'm a 1/144th "man" myself:
  5. Okay, found them. They're marketed by Heritage Mint and there's an official website for them: Heritage Mint Ship Models and Nautical Decor Merchandise The ones I saw were of the 22" series and were on special at Ingles for about $28 each. A quick check of the ship Passat shows the scale to be about 1/175th scale for that particular ship...the HMS Bounty and the Mayflower would be about 1/50th scale, which would make them more useful to gamers. The Belem is 1/88th scale but looks smaller than that, judging from the features (I saw this ship in the store). The Cutty Sark is 1/115th, another model that may or may not be useful. Hope this helps!
  6. FPilot

    Russian Mecha

    Final Addenda Part 1: STATISTICS FOR THE ROBOTS IN THE “ASTROID” GAME Boxer 308 Speed=5 Armor=3 Weapon=3/1 Hand-to-Hand=3 Cost=27 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=3 each Backpack=3 Legs=4 Main Body=5 Dragoon 209 Speed=5 Armor=2 Weapon=6/2 Hand-to-Hand=2 Cost=34 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=3 each Backpack=3 Legs=6 Main Body=6 Duelyant 314 Speed=6 Armor=1 Weapon=8/2 Hand-to-Hand=1 Cost=23 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=2 each Backpack=2 Legs=4 Main Body=4 Gladiator 311 Speed=4 Armor=2 Weapon=3/2 Hand-to-Hand=2 Cost=27 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=3 each Backpack=4 Legs=6 Main Body=6 Goplit 412 Speed=5 Armor=2 Weapon=5/2 Hand-to-Hand=4 Cost=40 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=4 each Backpack=2 Legs=6 Main Body=7 Krestonosec 413 Speed=3 Armor=3 Weapon=7/3 Hand-to-Hand=2 Cost=46 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=3 each Backpack=5 Legs=6 Main Body=7 Lazutchik 204 Speed=5 Armor=2 Weapon=4/3 Hand-to-Hand=2 Cost=29 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=2 each Backpack=3 Legs=6 Main Body=6 Legionaire 416 Speed=7 Armor=1 Weapon=2/1 Hand-to-Hand=4 Cost=20 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=2 each Backpack=1 Legs=4 Main Body=4 Mammoth 210 Speed=5 Armor=3 Weapon=5/1 Hand-to-Hand=4 Cost=42 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=4 each Backpack=4 Legs=6 Main Body=6 Musketeer 206 Speed=4 Armor=1 Weapon=8/3 Hand-to-Hand=1 Cost=34 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=3 each Backpack=3 Legs=4 Main Body=5 Pitbull 101 Speed=6 Armor=3 Weapon=3/1 Hand-to-Hand=2 Cost=29 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=3 each Backpack=4 Legs=4 Main Body=6 Razrushytel 102 Speed=3 Armor=4 Weapon=5/3 Hand-to-Hand=3 Cost=50 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=4 each Backpack=4 Legs=6 Main Body=6 Recruit 307 Speed=3 Armor=1 Weapon=6/2 Hand-to-Hand=0 Cost=12 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=2 each Backpack=1 Legs=2 Main Body=3 Ricar 415 Speed=4 Armor=4 Weapon=4/3 Hand-to-Hand=4 Cost=47 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=4 each Backpack=3 Legs=6 Main Body=7 Sniper 105 Speed=6 Armor=1 Weapon=7/2 Hand-to-Hand=1 Cost=21 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=2 each Backpack=2 Legs=4 Main Body=5 Veteran 103 Speed=5 Armor=2 Weapon=4/2 Hand-to-Hand=2 Cost=30 Components: Arms (Left/Right)=3 each Backpack=3 Legs=6 Main Body=5
  7. As a postscript on this topic...I was in an Ingles supermarket last week and I saw, for sale, a pair of model "tall ships" models for about $40~$50. The one closest to my "flightpath" looked like the Mayflower. I'll get back there one of these days to see who makes them, what types are available and what scale they are. At first glance, it looked to be somewhat bigger than 1/100. These are pre-assembled models for home decor displays.
  8. VEHICLE CREWS! I've already got a bunch of vehicles and mecha and aircraft in compatible scales to AICOM--but I need guys (and gals!) to drive them, command them, gun them, Whizzo them, and hobble out of the wreckage of them.
  9. FPilot

    Silly Question

    Hey, it might be a good idea to somehow immortalize the DeLorean name, as Mr. D himself died last month.
  10. I can't help you with Wolf's Rain, but I can give you a clue about Big O: "Paradigm" means "model". Keep that in the back of your mind.
  11. 1) At some point the manufacturers struck out on their own and began widening their customer bases. That and they don't just sell to governments. If your force is (or hires) mercenaries, they could get just about anything. Mixed-race Merc groups are common too. 2) In the past war, whole regiments were captured with intact or serviceable materiel. These were often refurbished and re-fielded or sold to Merc groups. 3) There are alliances at work as well. The Adonese have allied with the Malvernis more than once, and the Rach have fought alongside both the Ritterlich and the Templars. The Terrans have allied with--and fought against--everybody else, at one time or another. And then there's the common enemy--the Psyros--against whom all other rivalries must be put aside!
  12. I would think that one liability of Kelso would be his tendency to see friendlies as enemies and to see enemies where there weren't any. What are they smoking in the CAVverse, anyway?
  13. WEIRD RECOLLECTION If you really want to set damage tracks, why not use the formula from hoary old "Battleship!" (somewhat extrapolated): Battleships, Fleet Aircraft Carriers: 5 DT Cruisers, Light Aircraft Carriers, Missile Subs, Amphibious Assault Ships, Supertankers: 4 DT Destroyers, Attack Subs, Escort Carriers, Freighters, Tankers: 3 DT PT Boats, Mini Subs, Landing Craft: 2DT Of course since we're still talking a huge difference in toughness between ships and CAVs/Battlefield machines, it'd take the damage equivalent of 5 CAV DTs to make one Ship DT.
  14. Where I was when I quit: Since I was concentrating on my "Napier-Chilton" UCOR, I was devising weapons for that and so far had completed the Missiles and Flamers and was about to plunge into the gun weaponry. I had the ambitious idea of getting costs for all possible DT settings. Ultimately, this was too much to handle. However, I had standardized firepower levels for my set. MISSILE WEAPONS: BASH DF: H/S (+4/+0); RNG 18 PITCHFORK DF: H/S (+5/+3); RNG 48 (Note: I played with the idea of a Soft-Target specific short range missile, but realized that a flamer for this role was a better idea.) ILLWIND IF: H/S (+0/+4); RNG 32; AOE 1 SCRAP IF: H/S (+3/+0); RNG 32; AOE 1 (Note: these two weapons would have identical-looking launchers...the costs are very close.) HOT HAIL IF: H/S (+3/+5); RNG 60; AOE 4 FLAMER WEAPONS: FRYBABY: H/S (+0/+4); RNG 18 HOLOCAUST: H/S (+2/+8); RNG 18 GUN WEAPONS: EQUALIZER CANNON: H/S (+6/+2); RNG 48 RECYCLER CANNON: H/S (+7/+3); RNG 48 THERMOCANNON: H/S (+9/+4); RNG 60 HEAD LASER [Hard-Specific]: H/S (+1/+1); RNG 12 BUGZAPPER LASER [Ditto]: H/S (+2/+2); RNG 18 TURBOLASER [Ditto]: H/S (+4/+3); RNG 48 OMNICRON CANNON [Plasma]: H/S (+7/+3); RNG 60 FLASHTRON 'S' LASER [soft-Specific]: H/S (+1/+4); RNG 24 GATLINATOR CANNON: H/S (+4/+4); RNG 36 HADES GATLING CANNON: H/S (+6/+7); RNG 60 Once I had the cost stats for the weapons, then I could formulate specific weapons suites for my N-C CAVs and also create additional units.
  15. I don't know whether I feel snarked or relieved about the change. I mean, my stock and trade on this board revolved entirely about my use of the construction system and its benefits. I was in the middle of creating my own UCOR and Terran sub-factions. And now I can't do that--so why bother? Since I can't play against anybody, the creative aspect provided by the CAV unit build system was the only thing that kept me interested. I have better things to do, I suppose.
  17. I'm not talking about proxying existing CAVs. I'm talking about the creation of new CAV stats to represent minis from other games (or other such models) that a player might already possess.
  18. By the way, how this same model works in 1/60th or 28mm~30mm scale: POWERED ARMOR: 30MM TO 60MM (1" TO 2 1/4") HEAVY GEARS/PROTOMECHS/DREADS: 60MM TO 120MM (4 1/2") LIGHT CAVS: 120MM TO 210MM (8") MEDIUM CAVS: 210MM TO 240MM (9 1/2") HEAVY CAVS: 240MM TO 260MM (10 1/4") ASSAULT CAVS: 260MM TO 300MM (12") SUPER CAVS: OVER 300MM
  19. Another compy game in the works is Starsiege 2845, the long awaited sequel to Starsiege. It was just announced this week that rather than settle for being an expansion pack to Tribes Vengeance, SS2845 will be developed as a stand alone game with new engines. An "alpha" demo is scheduled for next month. And by the way, I already have this HERC as a mini. Maybe I'll stat it out one of these days...
  20. I have one of the "wanzer" Action Figures (and I've wondered what scale they are). Used to be I had a whole set, but I sent four to a guy in Denmark for a trade and he never sent me anything back in return. So cause of him I'm out the figures and $80 in shipping costs. The figures are big enough to use as light CAVs in 1/60 scale.
  21. FPilot


    Agents of Gaming used to have a line of minis for the Starsiege Rebellion game, and included the Cybrids, which are close enough to the Psyros for RockNRoll: You may still be able to find these through AOG or other mail-order sources. Last I heard you could order a grab bag with a random selection of minis real cheap. There are probably other avenues you can take to start an army of techno-bugs. Combine plastic toy insects and spiders with pieces of action-figure weapons and Zoid parts? I'm not gonna stop you!
  22. FPilot

    Toy vehicles

    And a Hex Base is 4.0 cm or about 1 3/4". Your tanks should fit just fine.
  23. More "If you like..." recommendations: If you like Dirty Pair you might like Irresponsible Captain Tylor or Martian Successor Nadesico or Project A-ko or Gunbuster or Dominion Tank Police. If you like Evangelion you might like Hades Project Zeorymer or A Wind Named Amnesia. If you like Guyver you might like Blue Sonnet or Baoh the Visitor or Genocyber. If you like Star Blazers/Space Cruiser Yamato you might like Legend of the Galactic Heroes. One of the creators of Star Blazers also made Galaxy Express 999, Space Pirate Captain Harlock, DNA Sights, Queen Millennia, Cosmowarrior Zero and The Way to Virgin Space. The other one made Odin. If you're into steampunk there's a lot of anime in that vein: Kishin Corps, Nadia/The Secret of Blue Water, the aforementioned Miyazaki works, etc. Last Exile also qualifies. Other titles for the Robotech fancier: Zillion, Orguss, Saga Salamander, Crusher Joe, Lensman, Teknoman/Tekkaman Blade.
  24. I'm an old school anime man from the Eighties, so my choices are from WAY BACK. I've seen Dougram and it's fine but not as flashy as a lot of other mecha shows. For a while I liked Blue Gender, but as it wore on I got tired of it. VOTOMS is a must see. It inspired Heavy Gear and still delivers. Digital Target Grey starts out as a mostly conventional war story and veers into superheroics. The action is well done in my opinion. The original Bubblegum Crisis is a classic. You'll find yourself watching the first five minutes of the first episode over and over. Megazone 2-3 will really appeal to you if you're a Robotech fan...many of the people behind Robotech worked on it including the mecha designer for New Generation. If you like Robotech and Bubblegum Crisis, you'll love Gall Force. If you like Robotech and Megazone, you'll also like Metal Skin Panic MADOX-01. If you like Bubblegum Crisis and Gunsmith Cats, you'll also like Riding Bean. I like Last Exile but wish I could see more of it...I've only got the first dozen episodes or so and its storytelling pace is real slow. Area 88 was one of my first anime loves and the TV series remake lived up to the standard of the OAVs. Fantasy, eh? Lemme see... Luna Varga? Slayers? Legend of Lemnear? Arion? InuYasha? Heavenly War Shurato? Raven Tengu Kabuto? Ronin Warriors/Yoroiden? JoJo's Strange Adventures?
  25. And now we ask the panel the Question of the Day: "What do Floung Du?" Panelist #1: The question is irrelevant. Panelist #2: Irrelevants like peanuts, don't they? You see that new Reaper mini of the Irrelevant man? I'd buy a trunkful of those. Panelist #3: I haven't had Floung Du in years. Awful messy. Usually have to break out an extra pack of napkins.
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