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  1. No problem, the more the merrier, can't wait to meet you. I usually set up near the hobby hijinks table I'll put more details on here the closer it gets. You can always message me on here as well
  2. Room snagged, already putting together new ideas for the basing table! We're excited!
  3. So this will be my third year running the basing table and thank you all so much for the enthusiasm! Im going to try a few new things out this year. The table will be set up Thursday morning and be available the whole convention. Im going to be getting alot more supplies and materials but still welcome any donations from people like they've generously done in the past if they wish. I am going to also do group activities like putting basing materials in an envelope then people choose one and have them base a mini with just what's in the envelope. Anyway that is my update thank you all for your help and interest can't wait to see you there!
  4. It'll be cool to be at the 20th anniversary of reapercon. Im sure that had nothing to do with the negotiations lol
  5. Awesome now to keep my eye out for when the rooms beckon be available. I wonder if since attendance is increasing they might negotiate for a bigger block of rooms
  6. If it's in the program I'll lik at mine when I get home we were sho tired we didn't even make it to the end of the auction. Just gotta know what days to request off a year in advance lol. Then just wait until about January when they announce the rooms are available
  7. I am correct in thinking the dates for next year is labor day weekend same as this year's right?
  8. I put the crying face on your post but those are tears of heartwarming joy not sad ones!
  9. First day back at work, post con depression has definitely set in...
  10. We arrived about 530 got everything unloaded then crashed for a bit lol that's why we're late in posting glad to see everyone arriving ok
  11. It's ok and it will happen again next year I'll just call it the annual meetup. Im also thinking about seeing if I can do a basing hobby hijinks
  12. Had fun not alot of people showed up but still talked alot and made plenty of bases. We are right next to hobby hijinks corner and will be there Saturday evening as well. Even during MSP open. P.s. everything is still at the basing table please stop by and use it if you like!
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