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  1. That is a GREAT question I planned on going there to get some things before I left town monday but hadn't even thought of that
  2. I bought mine and my wife's tickets on the same growtix account so when I go to register for a game it only says i'm signed up for it. How do I register her as well fir the same game?
  3. When signing up for a game how do I sign me and my wife up on one account is the a way?
  4. Same here lol. Honestly didn't expect so much interest in the random topic I guess I should pick a time and day or something im no good at organizing things lol. When do people not have classes? Maybe after con hours? I have a room at the hotel where it's being hosted. Maybe I need to git gud at something and host a class next year lol. I will also be making some flock this weekend of various colors I think im going to make some sample bags and give them to people who show up since there are so many!
  5. Me and the wife will be there Thursday- monday. Thinking about driving up late Wednesday only problem is only have the hotel Thursday through monday so still debating lol That's sort of a shame to hear cause I don't have many extra reaper bucks besides what I initially get and me and my wife love auctions lol
  6. Is there a way to sign up for games? Are your games sign upable?(iiis that a word?) Or are you just doing random impromptu?
  7. I will be bringing my green stuff and have heard of that company and the stamps it'd be interesting to see
  8. I got a source locally that gives me as much sawdust as I like (I only got 3 gallon ziplock bags and they were upset it wasn't three 50 gallon trash bags). So i'm going to be making some homemade flocking to bring we should definitely get together it's something ive been wanting to learn!
  9. Looking for anyone who will be basing in their off time. Have plenty of materials but have never actually really based anything yet. Not going to be able to take the classes so i'm looking for someone whos doing it at random or just between things or maybe after hours
  10. I hear ya we've been literally putting every penny we find in a jar (aaaaaaand dime nickel quarter lol) we're over 120 just in change... my wife likes to count.... glad to hear you've got it all worked out can't wait to meet you this will be my first year but i'm a long time forumite and ks backer!
  11. I soo wanted to compete but with the time left I don't think I'll be able to this year im pretty sad but there's always next year
  12. It's really the after hours stuff im looking forward to. Im not going to get to take alot off classes do I'm looking forward to the in between times and meeting people and learning things from them. Really want to learn more about basing as ive never really done any but want to, and nmm and osl. Also any other tips and tricks I can learn!
  13. I prefer smaller cons which is one of the big reasons we are so excited about it we also love reaper and can't wait to meet everyone
  14. I am staying at the embassy suites by Hilton where the con is held so I'll be looking forward to it this is just my first year so not sure what everything is or where thank you!
  15. This mentions an evening reception 530-730. Where is that and what exactly is it?
  16. Ok so other than classes how can I earn more reaper bucks for the auction Sunday? Im not sure if I'll get to take many classes but would love to participate in the auction. Also are they able to be used on anything other than the auction?
  17. Let me know what you'll be running in excited about just playing random games lol
  18. I might take you up on that as well if it's ok the sculpting classes i wanted to take are already full lol
  19. That is actually one of the things i'm looking forward to most got afew basing and painting questions and probably won't getto take too many classes this year so yaaaaaaay really looking forward to that
  20. So aside from the reaper u classes do people get together and do impromptu painting or basing groups or things like that
  21. Really? It keeps saying sold out when igo cause those were the ones iwas looking at that's so odd I'll go look again
  22. All the classes I wanted to take are already sold out i'm sorta sad mmy new goal for reaper con is now to find someone who can help me learn OSL lol it's something I really wantto learn. I also wanted to take the sculpting nature so maybe I'll figure something out
  23. Besides games what all will the be to do other than classes?
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