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  1. Finally after a couple debacles I have my tickets now just gottasee if I'll be able togo to any classes
  2. It's a shame I don't know if I'll be able to attend any classes this year... just have to see what's available closer to time of the con
  3. Gorgeous I may use that scheme for mine when i get it I love dark purples
  4. I'm probably going to have to get classes right before reaper con unfortunately but ifit's still available in definitely initial just boughtthe old metal ebonwrath from my flgs so I can bringhim!
  5. How quick do classes usually sale out? I'm guessing most have a maximum class size. I'm just not sure how many I'll getto pre register for
  6. Hmm I might just have to hope theste slots open when iget the not sure how much pre ordering I'llbe ableto do
  7. Does it cost to sign up for certain classes? Didn't see any prices when I bought tickets but am not sure since it's my first year to go
  8. I have only run and will only ever run ad&d2e and would be interested if things are still availableI'll PM you and am planning on running a game after hours of enough people are interested
  9. Just checking VIP tickets will still be available by the 25th of this month right
  10. I was hoping to get our all access tickets this Friday but our rental agency upped our bills andso didour cable company iI and hope iI to sooget or tickets before they stop selling them since we already have our room :(
  11. Ah see I dare that just want sure what it meant exactly or how long they were gone oh welli might still make the outfit lol I'm still learning all this since it'll be my first time to go we're very excited
  12. Probably going to pick either maggot crown or cthon I think I could put together a decent crimson herald outfit
  13. I really need to figure out this whole fractions thing and who relates to who
  14. Consider me in for that one! It's been on my radar. I'll be looking for classes on that and OSL classes I'm excited
  15. Ok so to "add" a registered guest I just need to goto my room instead of 1adult guest put 2 and put their name correct?
  16. I got to read what all comes in the swag bag and VIP bundle and am super excited. I did read somewhere however that you will also receive items for staying at the con hotel is this correct or did I read incorrectly?
  17. Definitely have a recipe for that* also for the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse *real world applications may vary
  18. Lemme know when you gm I'm totally there gonna gonna bring long island ice tea makings you know... for after lol
  19. That's sorta sad at this will be my first year but also not terrible as I can put something together maybe cook gather some people and go somewhere awesome and local. I'm also a certified bartender so that will come into play over the weekend somehow lol
  20. I too would like to ask haldir's question me and my wife have our hotel roombut won't have ticket money until I get paid on the 11th of may. We want the all access passes forthe swag bag and extra bundle. Are there limited number of tickets oris it on to wait a bit?
  21. I know obviously reaper will have a booth but what other vendors have been there in the past? Trying tosp as much research as possible lol
  22. Going for the first time was something what kind of classes they've had in the play that I can look forward to. I'm sure I'll want to take them all but can't lol
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