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  1. 4 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

    I'm pretty sure that Dreadmere is intended to be the theme from here on out.  We just get a new faction every year, and Dreadmere keeps getting more and more fleshed out.

    That's awesome cause I really like it swamps are one ofmy favorite settings next to deep forests

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  2. 5 hours ago, hungerfan said:

    Classes started at 10AM before.  If I recall that was also the time when vendor booths opened up.

    Ooph well we will either miss a few things or just leave super early

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  3. So with our jobs me and my wife will have to come in on Thursday when do events usually start on Thursday? We have about a 6 hour drive trying to figure out when we should leave

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  4. 29 minutes ago, Gargs said:

    Skin looks really good on that ogre! I might add a bit of color to his fangs, perhaps yellow them up a bit -- after all, he's probably not practically great oral hygiene. But really it looks good. Eyes are real good and the blending on the skin is real good!

    I was actually going to put a small amount of yellowish washon the teeth but ran out of time for the day. Thank you for the compliments I'm trying to put in alot of practice cause i really want to enter the msp open at reaper con this year. I really appreciate the words and input

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  5. 7 hours ago, Darius Glenwell said:

    The skin on the ogre is looking good, but the barbarian is much too harsh. Looks like you need to go back in with some midtone colors to help smooth out the layers from basecoat to highlight. 

    With that being said, watch your highlights on the ogre. If you go too high, you'll need to do the same thing as the barbarian. 

    I look forward to seeing how you progress. :) Keep at it! 

    Thank you I'm using the instructions from the layer up kit for the ogre as well as reapers tanned skin triad so hoping to avoid that. The barbarian was me sorta winging it with some colors that just weren't close enough together

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  6. 2 hours ago, kazmania7 said:

    can't tell in pics if you did or not, but for the hightlights mix your red color with alittle orange to brighten the red also.

    I did it wad some red mixed with marigold yellow which was almost already an orange. It is just the picture i am NO good at talking pictures of my movies it's something I need to practice on

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  7. Finished up the highlights am the glaze coat on the robes that play is done. I will finish the rest of him but the main exercise was to try the layering on the robes to practice the technique. Let me know what you think and where I can improve! These pictures aren't the best either add usual lol





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  8. So update my order with my layer up kit showed up today and some how I got it mixed up and accidentally ordered the original core kit which I already had. I did get some different paints in that kit and also got 2 extra paints for the first time and was super excited(charred brown and spectral blue) which were lacked extra thick pigments? Are those different from other paints or have different purposes? Moral of the story double check that order before you click submit lol. P.s. wonderful wife felt bad and already ordered the correct kit lol

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  9. 51 minutes ago, Mr Melons said:

    Patience grasshopper. You must learn to run, before you can fly. There will be plenty to be excited about when everything gets announced.

    I mainly want to meet all of the people I've been talking to on the forums for all these years and hang out or do something ice missed being active in the forums

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  10. I've already planned on getting the vip package the hard pay is going to be divying up my time between things which games I want to attend and whay classes I want to take I thought about the painting contest but over only been seriously practicing for about a month now so I dunno

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  11. I've got the first bones ltpk and a bunch of other paints from kickstarters as well as their Christmas colors set and lived the first one but really wanted to try this next one. As far as the brushes I understand cause after using the first kit them putting or and the brushes awed for a couple weeks I pulled it out and the dry brush brush looked like it had been dipped in acid and disintegrated. Not quite sure why, I washed and took care of them. Either way looking forward to this next kit! 

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