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  1. Me and my wife are finally going this year's after so long of wanting to! What are some things you definitely check out? Do people gather in rooms after hours and hang out? I'm super excited to get to meet other forumites after so many kickstarters and chat on these forums. It's been a while since I've been on here so super happy to be back!
  2. I just booked the same deal and was wondering whay do do with the second room. Maybe you're right and i can set a game or get together of some kind up
  3. About to order reapers second learn to paint kit layer up. Who all had used it and can you post you results afterwards?
  4. I have and whay I know from reaper con comes from researching the past ones just not sure off some of the nuances just really excited and trying to figure out as much as possible!
  5. Awesome ill have to look into how to use those things lol. I really would like to meet up with and hang out with the forum members ice talked with over the years REALLY looking forward to going this year and all the events
  6. I haven't been on the forums in a while so hi again all! So I'm finally in a situation where me and my wife will be able to make it to reapercon and have already booked the room. My post here is what are some of the highlights, how does it all work things like that really looking forward to going!
  7. The PM mush have closed about 5 minutes after I made my last purchase cause I went back to add something and it was gone. My final pledge ended up being: Core set Shub Niggurath Dagon Marthrangul Diabolus Viridius Graveyard expansion Mal'drakar Mystic Circle, and Kyra and Lavawrath (just under the gun apparently)
  8. The fiancee, future brother-in-law and I took a trip to the DFW area this past weekend for a Hatsune Miku concert that was being held there and my only stipulation was that we swung by the Reaper store so I could finally see it in person. Needless to say I was NOT disappointed! I browsed through the bones minis and got the water weird and wall of ice from KS2 that I missed out on wanted to get some metal but funds were a little short which is when I found the dollar bins of paint and bones which I could have stayed all day at lol. The staff was awesome and even let me look at the factory. I just wanted to make this post to say thank you to all the reaper staff for letting me be able to check that off of my list and for being such a wonderful company and I cant wait to make another trip out that way! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!
  9. With the deadline looming I FINALLY added tianot to my order. For a little while there I was worried I might not get to. My fiancee is helping me add the mythos expansion before the deadline as well so if I can manage to scrape together the money and get the mystic circle and Kyra & Lavawrath Ill have just about all the main wants I saw. After that if I could grab some giants I wouldnt complain
  10. loved the latest update was the shipping date originally Sept. of this year or was it changed I dont remember? Also is there an estimated time on how much longer we can keep adding things I remember someone mentioning till about june during the KS but its been so long I dont remember
  11. yea I knew it didnt harden I figured I would have to cast a master from it I was hoping someone had worked with it and could tell me how well it works ill probably end up getting the sample package and playing with it
  12. Just added Dagon and Shubniggurath. Wil be getting Mythos addon for my bday soon
  13. They have samples you can order for no shipping charge (depending on where you are I imagine) and see how it works for my needs
  14. Has anyone ever worked with monster clay or anything like it like chavant? Im more looking to use it for scenery sculpts and not for say sculpting actual humanoid mins. If so any thoughts on how it is or works? Thanks in advance
  15. Id have to go with black dragon if were talking D&D. My favorite color is green and I love red cause its the classic but being in a swamp is scary enough then having a dragon pop out of a body of water is horrifying. I also loved the description of how they bring their prey under the water and let it putrify before eating it.
  16. Dwarven Forge JUST restocked their scifi line and reaper has a few pieces that would go well with this from bones 2. Actually I thought about doing the same thing when I saw some of the aliens/scifi terrain from bones 2
  17. I too live in TX and yes it will be collected we are one of the states that have a State tax on things. It happened last KS as well
  18. I did the same thing here and it did process and now my pledge is in at wave 1! And I am backer 3081 even though I am in wave 1.... Awesome! This worked for me as well! Aw man thats awesome I NEVER fix things I'm glad I could actually help out with this one!!
  19. I went through my history and found the page that asked me if I wanted to pay x amount with this credit card and I clicked pledge again and it ended up processing just fine I am now a backer in wave 1. I dont know if this was just fortunate timing or if what I did had something to do with it!
  20. Yea mine is still processing as well. This is my first bad experience in a reaper KS and I know its not even their fault.....
  21. Yea I know reaper shipped last KS out fast so Im not really worried about the wave Im i, my main worry is that it never stops processing and I dont get in on the KS.......
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