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  1. Yea mines still being "processed I hope I still get my wave 1....and I still cant comment on the KS page
  2. Why does it say my pledge is processing but I am a backer?
  3. MAN I walk away to do dishes for 10 minutes and there are 5 more pages lol only 6 minutes left!!!
  4. I am really really hoping they will do Gauth in bones this time maybe even do a new sculpt for him I know Ive said it alot but maybe someone will see it and make it so lol! As far as a creepy Book on a pedestal I totally sculpted one of those Ill have to try and track it down and take some pictures of it. It was inspired by the Necronomicon from Army Of Darkness, had a lil face and everything
  5. I have requested it off I will know tomorrow if it was approved or not. The only thing that would make this better is if it were later in the year and the weather were cooler.....I guess I have legendary encounters to look forward to for that!!
  6. Its a real shame Creature Caster hasnt shipped their KS yet I REALLY want a few of their demons especially the pitfiend looking one. And they are pretty big
  7. I appreciate all the help I need to pick something and start on it Ive got a few ideas Ive been meaning to work on hopefully all the tips will help!!
  8. Oh I love sculpting and would love to do it seriously it just seems Ive taken a step back with my hiatus. I really enjoy making terrain pieces and decor more not cause I dont know how to sculpt actual minis but I just for some reason am more drawn to it. All the ideas I have at the moment are much bigger than the things Ive been trying to do. Maybe I just need to gather the materials and start on one of my bigger projects
  9. Those are pretty much the EXACT 2 things I am having problems with I have all these ideas in my head but its been so long I wanted to practice but what Im practicing on isnt what I really want to be doing. And the other is I am always so critical I understand that not all the lines need to be straight and all the sides dont have to be the EXACT same dimensions but it is hard to get past that. Maybe I should just jump into the projects I want to do instead of the little menial tasks I think I should lol
  10. Hello all I began sculpting a couple years ago mostly terrain (which is what I like I have never been good at anatomy so havent even tried actual minis yet) and Im sure a few people have seen things I have posted. Lately I find myself unhappy with anything I sit down and try to do I had gotten to a point where I was decent but after about a year or so of not really doing much due to no space and moving I notice when I sit down and try to make things Im just not happy with them any more and its putting me off. I tried to do just a little crate today out of super sculpey but didnt like the divots my fingers were putting in the middle of the sides and decided to ball it up. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  11. I BELIEVE they said they didnt miss it they left it out as to not offend some people dont quote me though
  12. *Ominous chanting voice* GAUTH! GAUTH! GAUTH! GAUTH!!!!
  13. I do know that this time I ill be getting multiples of whatever dungeon decor they offer. I skipped it last time since I had just bought some hirst arts molds and was experimenting with doing my own. My hirst arts molds came out great and my own dungeon decor worked out really well but I still regret not getting the Bones 2 set but this time I will be getting a few
  14. I loved cadirith I actually asked for it before the KS was over I just like the idea of a GINORMOUS spider which all of my PCs hate IRL or otherwise lol. The legs are a bit bendy but Ill fix them eventually lol
  15. Yea they put up cadirith as the last add on and we TECHNICALLY didnt unlock him by meeting the amount they put. Later that night I remember looking at the page again and saw it had been switched from locked to "Thank you" from reaper so they sorta gave us that one.
  16. I believe they did as far as SGs go I know there were some dragon addons they had post it notes of that didnt make it. I REALLY hope they put Gauth in this one and if they do it would be awesome if they did some kind of resculpt like they did for kally!
  17. Oh man being able to add RIGHT up until the boat hits the water means I might actually be able to get EVERYTHING I want instead of having to pick and choose. I might even get 2 core sets...or 2 tianots...oh this is bad
  18. Thank you all for the suggestions Ill have to experiment to see what gets me the best results hopefully ill have some soon!
  19. Oh Im probably going to get 2 but when I saw the picture of tianot I then looked over to my DDS2 and Khanjira (who are glued together but slumping over under their own weight lol) and shuddered. I think Im going to have to learn to airbrush to paint them as well lol
  20. I've got to go classic. White, Green, Red, Blue, Black and red body. That's certainly how I plan on painting mine... and depending on what else there is, should I go insane and get 2 like I did for DDS2.... Who knows... You could repost this every day till the kickstarter, and I'll like it every time... Oh the boiling.......
  21. aw man this is going to be wonderful I have already requested the day offa work! So far my favorites are the ring of stone pillars cause I agree any more terrain from reaper is awesome and it looks good but is still plain enough for me to add some things to with GS. I also like the tiny dragon perched on what looks like a statue and whatever the 4 legged tentacle beast is!
  22. Its been so long does anyone have a link to the reaper con pictures of what will, so far, be in bones 3?
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