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  1. I'm probably going to be close to dead last in my particular wave then.  I've been really absent-minded about locking things in in a timely fashion.

    Im probably in the same boat its not that I forgot I just waited till the last minute to add as much more money as I could lol.  So I am probably one of the last wave 1's to lock in but  not worried since that only means 1-2 days difference once things start!!!

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  2. Patience.  Sigh.  Case in point.  On my way to work this morning, stuck in traffic, I paused to try to let a left hand turner in front of me.  The cars in front of me were clearly stopped just ahead and no one was moving.  Yet the driver behind me was so enraged by my sitting in the middle of the road and not moving forward, he pulled off the side of the road and cut in front of me... Where he promptly waited in line like the rest of us. :devil:  Was it worng for me to wish him caught in the next light? (which he was... ^_^ ) On a happy note, both me and the left hand turner were able to make it to work without an accident.  people are weird.

    *&$^%*#@ THAT WAS YOU!!! j/k lol

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    I haven't decided which will be the first Bones II figure I'll paint.  Maybe the new Mister Bones?  He would be a fitting choice to usher in the new wave of Bones reinforcements!

    If I still had my original LTPK instructions, I'd start on Anhurians! :)


    You know, if they're not going to re-release the original LTPKs, I wish they would provide the PDFs, or even sell just the instruction sheets...


    For the original Anhurians in the LTPK1 the instructions were basically base coat, wash, dry brush, done.



    And that's what gave me the confidence to start painting. They were the least intimidating instructions possible. :)



    You should get the Bones LTPK and tell us what you think of those instructions.


    I love my bones L2PK (although for some reason my #2 flat brush sorta disolved?).  The only other time I ever painted minis was about 13 years ago and I was using testors paints and had no IDEA what drybrushing was.  Needless to say those didnt come out too well lol but so far with this kit I havent produced a single bad skeleton yet!  Im trying to paint all my skeletons from bones 1 before I move to the orc instructions.

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  4. I am thinking I should take a day or two off to celebrate Bones 2 arrival. It will be nice to know what days thos will be.

    Lol I agree I would love to do the same thing although with being in wave 1 I doubt Ill get that much notice.  I do plan on taking the day off for the next Dwarven Forge KS!

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  5. I just have to make my minis fit current available store systems. Otherwise the husband will be put out.



    Though he has joked about making the minis into furniture, or building the house out of minis. :lol:

    I bought a Grab & Go storage box by Creative Options from Michael's and it fit my entire original Vampire set AND all I have to do is grab the handle and bring it to wherever I am gaming that night.  They are actually on sale now for $25 and if at some point it isnt you can always use the 40% off coupon.  Im thinking about getting a second one for KS2.

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  6. Darsc, 


    Quatloos are dated, and so are gold pressed bars of latinum, so is there a newer form of Star Trek currency you wish to wager?  


    Besides Triskelion, is such a long way to go to spend the winnings.

    Dated or no I have always loved the idea of gold pressed latinum.  When I was a kid I always imagined it as a small, thin, curved sheet of bronze colored gold lol!

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    I also think it's time to see the Sci-fi things (I like Damenance's idea of the "police box" transporting him to the future! Brilliant!). I wasn't interested in that Expansion, but I know there are a lot of people that were!


    Maybe Sir Forscale could meet Sergeant Forscale?! ::D:



    --OneBoot :D

    Sounds a bit like the Blackadder christmas special where he was shown his descendants and the eventual fate of the family line.


    I love the christmas special it is now on my list of christmas specials to watch every christmas eve lol!

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  8. Hello all I am about to run the 2E module Evil Tide and am looking for some good Sahuagin miniatures.  I am already buying the Tiik and slithe miniatures from Reaper but am looking for some others for variety does anyone know of any?

  9. To be fair to Dwarven Forge, because they offered Lizard Man minis... I immediately went out and bought all the Reaper Bones Lizard Men that were available at my "FLGS." Basically with the thought that the DF minis would be minions / normals and the Reaper minis would be the "bosses" of each encounter. So, in this case, DF offering minis created a sale for Reaper. But I'm kind of weird with that sort of thing.

    Not weird I use my old heroquest orcs for minions/normals, some old Harlequinn orcs for higher ups and the reaper orcs (due to their size) for generals/bosses

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  10. Im REALLY hoping for an unscheduled update soon that says it will be closer to late october to early november I'm just SO excited once these and my DF caverns arrive I am starting my D*D campaign back up.  It has been on pause since summer due to waiting for these 2 shipments!!!

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  11. At the moment no I was sad to find that out but there will be a video at least a week before the KS and photos before that from what I have see on their FB page after posting on it.  Again with his experience I don't think Jeff will leave us hanging until the last minute!

  12. I highly agree I don't think he will be directly competing with Dwarven Forge at all while some might.  I do really like the idea and will probably back this instead of MBA mainly due to the price tag (While I don't know the price for this yet I know Jeffs experience with KS's and am confident this will be much less than what MBA has quoted for the buy in price to get their stretch goals unless that has changed since they first gave an estimate).

  13. Well when I recently asked about the MBA KS (as I was going to back it as well) and how all was still excited about it I was met with not alot of positive feedback.  I think MBA may have waited just a little too long (not by choice mind you) and people have become disinterested.  This may be a cheaper more modular alternative and I think I might be backing this one depending on what I see in the upcoming weeks.

  14. http://www.upworks.com/

    Ok I searched the forums for this before I made a duplicate post this time lol. It seems Jeff Martin (One of the main guys over at DF who recently stepped down to focus more on his projects) and one of the sculptors for DFs limited edition sets are now making their own KS meant mainly for building your castles, keeps, and buildings Upwards! Seems like it could be fun.



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    So a large Bones KS campaign is coming soon (for unspecified values of soon). Great. Maybe I can just keep working until I die. Because I'll never be able to put money into my 401k account if Reaper keeps it up.

    Not necessarily. Remember the goal for the Bones line is to become self-sustaining. This may be part of their move to independent Bones releases.


    Man that would be awesome but they did mention wanting it to be self sustaining during bones 2.  Although a smaller KS to get some of their bigger models switched over WOULD be great fun!  I love me a good Bones KS lol.  Either way I can't wait to see what models they have planned to release!

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