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  1. Hello all back when I firs started sculpting over a year and a half ago I started out with normal sculpey, then moved on to Super Sculpey Firm.  From there I got some Green Stuff and used my super sculpey firm as a base/armature and put the GS on like a skin.  The thing is now I am having a hard time kneading the Super Sculpey Firm with my hands its to the point where it hurts and I was thinking about stepping down to just regular super sculpey does anyone have experience with that?  I have also heard great reviews about Monster Clay and have been wanting to try a wax type clay for a while has anyone worked with it?  If so how is it it seems really nice.  Well thank you all in advance as always can't wait to see the responses I get!

  2. SOOOOOO I have never played a tabletop mech game or have no idea about what CAV is but I get the gist and have read a little about it.  I am thinking about getting into it are there like factions or what?  Or do you just get a bunch of mechs and other things and skirmish?  I sorta really want to get in on this!

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    All good, means I get extra dragons and lots and lots of little ones to throw at my group. ^_^


    But it also means I have to wait until after fulfillment in order to order guards and mounted units. :down:


    Yea, the more I look at it, the more i think 'Those barrow wardens, demi-lich, cultists, lions, dragon, goroloth and dragon turtle would be really fun to have' 


    ::P: just things to pick up at retail I guess haha


    Those are the models that pushed me over the edge to get expansion 1.  I was on the fence until the last reveal and once I saw the demi lich cultists and gorloth I had to have it (mainly cause at the time the KS was going on I was writing an encounter with an aboleth).  As far as the second one I was skeptical (I guess at that point I shoulda known otherwise lol) but with the mounted figures, the Anhurians, clear purple ones and then the Minotaur demon god there were just too many I wanted to not get it! 

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    I wonder what the update will say tomorrow this is going to be one of the last ones before shipment starts...I CANT WAAAAAIT


    I think it's two days from now? Today is Wednesday, the update is on Friday  ^_^


    Lol you are TOTALLY right, beer and being anxious will apparently make you think you have moved forward in time hah

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  5. I'm hoping to make it but if I do I wont be able to stay AT the actual hotel since I will have to rent a car to drive there and I imagine those rooms are a bit expensive especially for 3 nights but other than that I should be going for the first time!!

  6. I loved the video I just wish some of the bigger models could have been assembled I really wanted to see what the gorloth looked like but I completely understand.  Its awesome Bones is almost here and there is a literal chill in the air here!  (I live in southeast Texas and it is 72 degrees outside!?!?!)

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  7. Nesting space for large minis - 



    One of these is a penguin, created by daughter #1 (also in picture) 

    In addition to the 20 figures in bones2 I have another 2 dragons (+12 friends) coming in October from a drake KS. 

    Its going to be a good fall for minis. 


    but I am not even going to be able to fit all the dragons onto my current window ledge. 

    I blame Flit.  I had just finished painting him, and wanted to do more.

    Its going to be yet another GREAT fall for tabletop gaming in general with my bones 2 and DF caverns arriving almost back to back I can't wait to unleash all the modules I have been writing over the summer!

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  8. Siri I love your choice for the base!  While not the exact one I also had the same idea for it Mod Podge makes a mold that Michael's carries of various gears and clock faces and what not I thought about getting it and casting some for the base.  I can't wait to see the rest of it

  9. I got an Early Bird.  I remember that morning I had been planning it for a while.  I set an alarm about an hour before it started, took a shower, made a nice breakfacst and got some coffee which put me at my computer with breakfast and coffee 5 minutes before it started so I ate then drank my coffee and watched it go live.  All that coupled with the fact that it was fall (my favorite time of year) and actually cool made it a very special magical morning!  I really hope they do another one I really enjoy their KSs!  I also remember an actual physical smile creep across my face when I saw the Kraken was one of the firs add-ons offered lol

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  10. Man it is weird to think that in only 5-7 weeks or so I will have another HUGE order of bones arriving at my doorstep this is going to be awesome.  ESPECIALLY since I got my first vampire set after the fact since I missed the first one.  I'm super happy I got in on the second!!  I think I am most excited about all my add-ons!

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