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  1. I am WAY upset I really wanted to back this and have been following them for months now.  I was even one of the first people there for an early bird but come to find out my bank has, without telling me, blacklisted canada and EU due to all the "fraudulent" activity so now I can't even donate a single dollar to the campaign.  With no credit card and having to wait for a hard copy of a prepaid card before I can use it out of the country it looks like I won't be able to back this at all....I am pretty upset with my bank at the moment

  2. As I have mentioned before my FLGS has a very old stock of items from way back as they have been open a while.  Well we found this miniature in very old reaper packaging (not even in a blister) and 100% lead.  He was only 4.99 so we snatched it up lemme know what you all think sorry for the bad picture lol


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  3. This is sweet!


    What could a one time non combat encounter be and how would I run it? ( other then the neat pirate ship idea )


    I have some great ideas for over all arc and some side plot now

    A deep crevasse running the across the passage or cavern.  At the bottom can clearly be hear (but maybe not seen) a trickling river that could lead to a small secondary area where an adventurer got stuck and made his home until something happened to him (or he is still there waiting for help). 

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    Underdark Crawl??


    Man, you HAD to say it, didn't you....lol


    That actually is ONE circumstance where I could see 10 sets getting used up.


    My group is a mix of level 3 and 4. It's going to be a while until I release the splendors of Menzoberranzan upon them... :)


    Lol I am actually lucky enough to have bought the old 2nd ed Menzoberranzan boxed set many years back I am hoping to actually run it now once I get these tiles *evil smirk*

  5. With that being said, I love the way they look, and I consider myself a really hardcore gamer, but for the life of me, I cannot figure out how someone would use 10+ sets all at once.


    Some of you people are crazy! :)

    Underdark Crawl??

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  6. I am hoping everyone who plans to get 5 or 10 or more sets pledges on the first day so we can really get moved to the $1,000,000 mark


    If 3334 people pledge $300 we get to a million.


    I know I am thinking really big, I know


    I don't think you're thinking too big at all I know most of the people on the DF site have talked about pledging way more than that so it isn't unforeseeable.  I know I myself plan to pledge twice that. 

  7. I don't actually have an opinion on this, because if I get my way soon then I'll never have to DM again.  Then I can devote all my time to building things and painting little people.  I don't care what edition it is if I get that. 

    That sounds awesome, while I love DMing after 15 years of being the only person I know to take it on if anyone wants to play I REALLY miss playing...only problem is I don't trust anyone else to put as much effort or thought into it as I do so I still don't know how enjoyable it would be *sigh* maybe one day lol

  8. I don't think I will ever be investing in any other D&D books/supplements other than the version I have (AD&D 2e).  It's what I started playing when I first played and what I have been collecting for the past 15 years, I don't really see the point in starting over lol I'll just continue to complete my collection.

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  9. One of my favorite encounter ideas to use is have the players enter into a gigantic open cavern one where you can't see the even see the sides or top of the cavern.  Then after venturing into the cavern a bit more they find a large underground lake/sea .  A little ways into the water they can make out a faint blue glow which lets them make out that sitting on the bottom of the water (in however much water you deem necessary) there is a sunken ship from which the light emanates.  You as the DM can make the light and contents of the ship whatever you like.  You can even have debris strewn about the shore that the PC's can use to make a makeshift raft from to explore further.  I'm VERY partial to water encounters for some reason they are my favorite lol.

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  10. Never done it personally, and I have an acquired distase for it in any case for numerous reasons.


    I've never needed anything as an "out" in case characters miss clues/do stupid stuff. Firstly, they're free to do stupid stuff and die. It's very much a part of the game for me, and if they play reckless and die, they deserve it. I'm always pretty fair and forgiving unless they go completely overboard (the "Hey, let's just kill all the kings guards and break him out of prison!" or the "Oh, the 100ft dragon is sleeping? Awesome! I'll sneak up and boink it on the head!"). Knowing some magical DMPC has your back would just ruin the fun for me completely. A questioning look or a "Really?" is usually enough to dissuade them from those courses of action, but if not, hey, it's their character.


    Second my play style is pretty improv. Even if we start off following a campaign I wrote, the PCs are free to go off and do whatever else. If they miss a clue and obviously need one to get on track (and seem to want to get back on track) I'll simply give them one somehow that fits in with the story all improv like (they missed the note on the last assassin? I'll write in a new one after a bit. They missed the writing on the cave wall? The information shows up instead spilled from a goblin they beat up etc). However if they seem more interested in something else I'll play along with that. Honestly that's how most of my campaigns are "created". My original idea is thrown out the window after a few sessions, and the PCs proceed to pretty much write it themselves while I just play along.


    Anything we play is self made, so there is never a lack of this or that. Besides I never play D&D and the clones so there are no classes per se. I tailor the story to the party I play with. Of course NPCs might tag along for a bit now and again for some plot reason, and in that case join in skirmishes that might happen. However they are always strictly an NPC, never ever part of the group.

    I don't really use mine to "save" the NPC's from things per say.  He's mainly used as a guide to get where they are going and to maybe not waste a 3 hour long session if the PC's just can't put 1 and 1 together.  I've never saved a PC from doing something utterly stupid lol.

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  11. See I'm a little lucky woodland scenics has sets of 4 deciduous trees and a set of 5 evergreen trees both $9.99 and since I work at michael's it only costs me $6.30 plus tax so it doesn't get too bad it's getting alot of them lol.


    For gaming terrain, it can be useful to have sockets for trees rather than attaching the trees permanently. This allows figure bases to fit into areas that would otherwise not be possible, allows for transport and storage in less space with less potential for damage, and in theory allows for a given hill to change its vegetation with seasons or with changes of location.

    That is also great advice and something I will do with this I can't wait to get started and take some pictures.

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  12. That is really nice and it does help.  I want to have a good selection of trees so that I can have some free standing ones as well as some I can permanently attach to my hill.  Only thing is they are quite expensive for what they are if you buy them pre-made lol.  I'll get there eventuall but I do like the idea of casting the outcroppings and putting them on there I think I will do that! 

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  13. Hello all last night the new Michael's store I have been working to build and open just had its friends and family 3 hour sneak peak last night so I took the opportunity to use my discount and get some terrain making things.  I got a grass mat, some trees, envirotex-lite, and some plaster cloth.  I glued the grass cloth to a piece of foam board and am now looking to make some terrain features mainly some hills.  The thing about hills is that most are not just rolling and smooth they have rocks jutting from them so my question is what would be the best/easiest way to get this effect?  And does anyone have any pictures of some they have done themselves?  Thanks for any info in advance!

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