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  1. Ok sorry between getting ready and work I haven't had time to update. As far as materials ive got an assortment of flocks from last year, some homemade flocks we made, cork board for rocks, paint brushes for tall grass, a sheet of moss, and some more but that's the bulk of it. Also thinking about demonstrating to people how to make their own homemade flock. Other people have mentioned donating things if this is still a thing we will be arriving Wednesday afternoon you can PM me on the forum or just let me know in this thread how best to get ahold of you. As far as when I'll officially make it Friday night at about 730ish. It should be near the doors to the main area just look for the unicorn hat. I will however set up the table Thursday evening and leave it set up the whole time and so people can stop by sit and use the materials whenever I will also frequent the table. Hope to see people there! 

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  2. I wanted to print all my tickets but with no printer and no public library conveniently located I haven't been able to I'll have to see what I can do. Last year was easy I just had our 2 passes this year ive got ours and 2 friends (one of which can't make it), plus class tickets and extra pizza dungeon passes for them

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  3. On 8/20/2019 at 8:36 AM, OneBoot said:

    A group of us will just have to kidnap you for dinner one of the other nights. We can try to be loud enough to simulate the whole forum, to ensure the experience is as close to the real thing as possible! :bday:



    --OneBoot :D 

    Ohhhhhh lemme know when that is I love dinners! He's teaching me how to sculpt nature so im kinda obligated. 


    Also last year the restaurant had a limited menu since it was such a large group, will that be the same this year? Or am I just misremembering? Lol Also that means me my wife and my buddy im bringing (I'll get him to make a forum profile lol) will be there. 

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  4. 18 minutes ago, Jeepnewbie said:

    Arrrrgh!  Got about an hour away and had to turn back. Didn’t forget anything, wife wanted me to leave out after tonight’s scout meeting. They forgot I wasn’t going to be there tonight. Gonna be leaving stupid early in the morning. Debating on driving straight through, or take the scenic route and arrive Wednesday in the late afternoon. 

    Hey Wednesday evening is when the best stuff starts anyway and scenic is always nicer, depends on how much pool time you want I spose! 

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  5. 4 hours ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

    Started setting things aside for packing.  I have 5 new con shirts.  Darn Izzy for being so talented.  Got my ribbons.  I suppose I should open the package and make sure they are good.  Got my Kraken Dice KS so that should be all I need for dice for the con.


    Not sure what board/card games to bring.  Someone Has Died is a definite.  I have Underlings and Unwings which combines dragons and color theory.

    Underlings and underwings sounds interesting, Jessie will of course be bringing all of her unstable unicorns, she just got a brand new casting case for them all lol.


    As for being prepared everything is of course last minute... I've got most of my paints packed sculpting tools and basting materials for the meetup. Clothes will be packed tomorrow. Trying to decide whether to pack alot of minis or paint what I get there. Ive got a ton of skeletons to do. 

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  6. On 8/22/2019 at 2:47 AM, cybertuna said:

    I’m a lurker on the forums and this will be my 2nd year at Reapercon. 


    It might not be a tardis but I know a lament configuration when I see one... he has such sights to show us! 

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  7. 11 minutes ago, Darsc Zacal said:

    Request from a non-goer.

    In the past Reaper has had upcoming kickstarter minis and greens on display at Reapercon.

    Please take pics of what you see from as many angles as possible.

    Thanks! ^_^

    Ive been hoping this would happen since I started going to reapercon im so excited I finally get the chance. I will take plenty! 

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  8. 2 hours ago, LittleBluberry said:

    I think I have a problem with painting stuff specifically for RCon.  The anxiety sets in and I struggle to get anywhere with it.  :down:


    Hoping I can either push through or let it go....

    Hey it's better than me, I struggle to paint anything I start and go ew and can never decide which techniques I want to use or stick with for a piece and end up just jumping around from mini to mini never actually finishing anything

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  9. 1 hour ago, Cranky Dog said:

    I made the mistake at looking at the weather forecast for Dallas/Denton. 38°C (100°F) :zombie: versus my cozy 17°C (63°F)!


    For me, ReaperCon will be a strictly indoor event!

    Omg where do you lucr and are they accepting new people?! But hey at least the hotel has an indoor pool! This is where I'll be found on most my down time lol

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  10. 7 hours ago, Inarah said:


    On Facebook they listed the hours as 6-8pm Wed, 9am-10pm Th-Sat, and 9-am -4pm Sun. 


    Note that the vendor area and melt bin close at 6pm Wed-Sat. 



    Ohhhhh I can buy things on Wednesday!?

    9 hours ago, pcktlnt said:

    I have started an entry. I'm going to be using it as a baseline this year for painting. Nothing painted since last reapercon's sophie says...

    I know how you feel I had high expectations when returning gettin reapercon, needless to say I did not meet them lol

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  11. 16 minutes ago, Loim said:

    I will know after the doctor visit today if an abbreviated trip to RCon this year is in the cards. If it is I'll probably be coming down on Friday and leaving Sunday afternoon. We'll see how things shake out. 

    I hope things work out, also hope things go well at the doctor's

    6 minutes ago, Cranky Dog said:

    Where are things standing right now:

    • Plane tickets booked weeks ago.
    • Hotel room, shared and paid for.
    • After hour booze to share with fellow Reaperites, purchased.
    • RCon tee-shirt ordered.
    • Ribbons ordered. (I ordered late, so I'm shipping them directly to the hotel)
    • Competition entry... slowly ongoing.

    To do list:

    • Book ride from DFW to hotel.
    • Find a way to carry entry. Since it's not finalized, I have no idea how big a container I need. And I don't have time to shop any of it unless I sacrifice a whole afternoon of productivity to it next weekend (includes ~4h drive).

    That's some fortitude if I bought booze this share with forumites this far in advance id have to buy it again lol

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  12. 9 minutes ago, Kangaroorex said:

    My mob gets in around 2 but I will probably want some time to nap and rest after the trip so I can stay up later than usual.  Planning to find something to do before or after the pizza dungeon.

    I'll probably be arriving between 2-4 on Wednesday depending on stops and motivation in the morning lol and will want some swim time before the dreaded dungeon but after im on board for anything just point me in the direction of fun! Also if anyone wants to run a section of a mega dungeon id play as well lol. I might also see if I can find a module in my collection I can run on pure memorization it'd be 2ed if anyone's interested

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  13. 12 hours ago, Kangaroorex said:

    That would be cool.  I can bring along my digital stuff and the scenario and see where we go from there.


    I do also have a 7th sea scenario for rev 2 sitting in the wings I will bring with characters and some blank sheets either way, if we gather enough people, great, if not, that works too.

    Have heard about 7th sea never played but I LOVE water settings/ encounters so I am totally on board for this! 


    On 8/17/2019 at 9:16 AM, EvilCleric said:

    If anyone is intersted in trying some OSR stuff, I'm running a Dungeon Crawl Classics one shot on Saturday at 6-8pm. It's up on GrowTix. I am also bringing a one sheet DCC adventure for a Wednesday night pick-up game, but could do it anytime really. Rules and characters provided.



    Im down door a game Wednesday evening that's my relax/ pool day lol but I'm sure I can break myself away for some gaming! For both games ive quoted here my wife and friend im bringing would also totally play! 

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  14. 1 hour ago, Kangaroorex said:

    Note to self:  bring rock for Ludo


    any thoughts on what basing plates I should bring?  I have a bunch of them from sci-fi to temple floors, to jungle, to swamp.  My favorites are the Victorian streets, the swamp, the ruined wood floor, and the beach.

    That's tough being your favorites the swamps sounds cool as well I'll have some moss to go with it. I'll post a picture of what I've got so far this evening


    1 hour ago, Ludo said:

    Come find me at the Hobby Hijinx corner I'll have a box of stuff for the table. 


    I will certainly do that I thank you and it is appreciated

  15. 44 minutes ago, ReaperWolf said:

    I'll be bringing a few games to run "after hours" outside of the official RC 2019 Dreadmere events.


    Definitely want to bring Timewatch and Ashen Stars, would be a nice breather from all the high fantasy I'm running this year.



    I might take that up af I missed out on getting to register for any of your games like I wanted....

    30 minutes ago, Kangaroorex said:

    I would be willing to bring my kit along for Numenara if people are willing to play.  I tried one a few years ago and got no takers so I am a little leery in offering again. (So I have a few social issues, this is one group where I don't have to worry about showing that.)  I had set up an adventure to run and ran a couple of playtest sessions with my home group.  I would be willing to bring it and some copies of the players guide (its a free demo) for people to play with.  I am also quite willing to play.

    Im always willing to try something new and am wanting to play as much as I can since I didn't get to sign up for any games. Depending on my class schedule just let me know if you end up doing this

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  16. 5 hours ago, ReaperWolf said:

    Me too man, gonna be the best year yet...


    The Hand of Light members are able to channel their will, faith, and zealotry into a white hot flame surrounding their chosen weapon. This provides light as a torch but also radiant damage based upon the degree of evil in the target. The more evil, the more damage. Even a lawful good person feels a sting as the flame touches them but according to rumor the truly virtuous will feel no damage whatsoever. The Lightbringers have yet to encounter anyone of that level of purity. 


    The light also grants some of the protections associated with the spell protection from evil.

    Members embrace the Adonian pantheon specifically Aurellius, Aegnir, and and Laris.


    Time to go a dungeoncrawlin'!!!



    Im so so sad I waited a day too late and everything was full... I'm gonna have to haunt your table to see if any spots open up or at least see if I can spectate some of them. I really wanted to be in the cthon game BADLY but once of my classes over laps it..... it's an amazing experience gaming with you! 

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  17. 1 hour ago, TaleSpinner said:

    Oh, fudge!  I just remembered that I need to sculpt 12 starter stumps for Sculpting Nature.  Well, I know what I am doing this weekend.

    I missed this class last year but it was once off the FIRST ones I grabbed this year im so excited to take it! I love sculpting terrain and little bits (not necessarily actual humanoid minis). Can't wait to take this !

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