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  1. Nah it looks good I'm sorta worried about starting on trying to make humanoids but I just got my GS and messed with it a little bit today and its really fun lol. I might cheat and start making giants since they're not AS tiny lol
  2. Lol well then it'll work for making scenes and things for your minis to be displayed on the key thing is to have fun I really enjoy when I'm making something and I find myself smiling when I'm working on it
  3. well now that you have picked up sculpting and have some super sculpey firm you can make some for yourself its just another facet of sculpting even though its not actual humanoid minis it can still be used in your games try it out making those tiles is how I got really good at working with that medium and go find you some rocks to use for texture just roll it over an area thats suppose to be stone it works wonders
  4. Lol it sounds like we are in the same boat I drew a while back but never got encouraged to pursue it further so it fell by the way side and I don't really make my own concept art I go off of pictures I find from google and the like. At the moment I haven't done any humanoid sculpting its been mostly terrain to go with my dwarven forge game tiles things like walls and altars doorways etc but if you go into my profile and look you can see some of the sculpts I've posted
  5. Ive also been doing sculpting I started off with regular sculpey and made lil things like books and the like then moved to super sculpey. A good thing to practice and get use to how sculpey works is make some cobblestone walls there are a few tutorials on it and making even a tiny sections means you have to do alot of stones and it gets you familiar with the medium. I just got some GS from an order I made and am about to start playing with it I use my sculpey firm to make "blanks"of things (like just a rectangle) and then will start to add my GS over it to bulk it out with embellishments. Here is a good website for pretty cheap tools I just got a double ended pick tool one bent one straight and a smaller version of the wax 5 tool (a tool alot of sculptors swear by) for only 1.97 a piece and cheap shipping. The link I'm putting is directly to the wax 5. http://www.widgetsupply.com/product/DEMT07-64NW.html. I've gotten alot of help on these forums and made it pretty far even though I still have a long way to go lol so I hope this post will help to give back enjoy :) P.S. Here are a few more links you might find helpful I've done alot of digging http://www.scribd.com/doc/22340487/The-Beginners-Guide-to-Sculpting-Miniature-Figures http://blog.brushthralls.com/?page_id=1666 http://www.patrickkeith.com/search/label/Tips http://www.matakishi.com/sculptingthings.htm
  6. My Blightfang will still be my "green" dragon stand in but I think I'm going to paint him fall colors like dying leaves brown, yellow, orange etc. I think it would be really interesting
  7. Nah if I was you would all know AFTER lol I wouldn't be on here I'd be making plans for a party lol that would be awesome
  8. Thank you for the advise about the vaseline I will be getting some before it comes in I also already have a decent collection of tools like the ones you showed ( I also do leather working and ALOT of those tools can be used for this as well especially the ones for tooling). I also have a wax 5 tool on the way as well I can't wait to post pictures but apologies in advance I have no paints and am not that good so they will be unpainted lol
  9. So I FINALLY got to order some GS and it will be here soon so now I have to think of how to start using it anyone have any ideas? I was thinking since I have ALOT of old heroquest minis that are damaged (missing arms or weapons) I would glue the pieces back together then covering it with bracers or shoulder pauldrons depending on where its broken I think it would give me some decent practice without all the pressure since the pieces are already broke. Well let me know what everyone comes up with and thanks in advance
  10. I have read about the pluck and reverse pluck techniques but only read about them even msgd Gene and had him explain it to me (but its sorta hard to get just by reading). I would like to see a video of them can anyone make a video for me lol
  11. Everything is looking great I had yet another question lol sorry for all of them but when you're trying to learn something you think of something new to ask every 5 minutes lol. I read Corporeas tutorial on making the maple tree and it was great the thing I was wondering is I would like more leaves on min how would I get a texture more like this would I just add each individual leaf?
  12. @Loim It's looking great I agree with OneBoot I love the texture. How do you get that texture do you have a tool or a certain technique? I want to try and make my own Treant type mini and make him decently sized
  13. we prefer you don't. Ok thank you Ladystorm I won't want to step on toes or go against any rules :)
  14. She said to place a little blurb in your sig. Example: I am trading minis at (site name) under (your alias) Ok awesome can I just put to PM me on here?
  15. Ok I saw somewhere that there would not be a trade thread for this Bones KS I can't find how Ladystorm said to let people know how to trade can anyone enlighten me?
  16. HEY Dove I'n the same name as I was on the KS comments nice to see you are here!! I'm glad to keep in contact with everyone from the KS :)
  17. Man even though I have only done the DF KS and this one tihs KS was SOOOOOOO fun I loved it TY to the reaper crew for such a fun time and TY reaper Bryan for the pie no hard feelings we all love you :).....on another not when can we start adding money to out pledge manager I know its soon but I will get more money in a few days I'm sorry it didn't go for stretch goals?
  18. @Corporea thank you very much I'm going to be building some overland/forest terrain for outdoor encounters and these will work GREAT for it I appreciate it. And Loim the tree looks awesome!
  19. well thank you for that suggestion I will most definitely look at that would you happen to know what topic to look under for it?
  20. Loim What type of wire did you use for the armature I've been wanting to make some trees for scenery
  21. 2nd (heavily modified). I have almost all of it, and I'd rather spend money on new miniatures than new books. I plan for this to be my last stint as DM, so after this I may play Pathfinder or some other edition. I have expressly stated that if I ever DM again after this, it's to run a 1st Edition pure adventure game specifically because it's largely broken. Let everybody get their Gygaxian merit badge. New 1st Edition Player: "Can I be a Bard?" Everybody who's played 1st before: "And so it begins." I love 2nd edition as well Buglips never could get into 3rd. I've got almost all the Forgotten Realms boxed sets some Ravenloft, Spelljammer, and Al-Qadim and as far as DMing I can't remember the last time I was an actual player if I want D&D I have to be the DM in all my 15 or so years of playing I may have only been a player in 5 sessions but I love it either way
  22. Man I didn't really pay too much attention to those ruins the first time I watched the video but now I'm REALLY curious
  23. @JustMike I agree with that. I got in on the Dwarven Forge KS and now with this one I'm going to have some of the most awesome D&D sessions I've ever had I can't wait
  24. I don't even know what I would ask to be teased about you have a million things you can think of then someone says hey what do you want to be teased about and WHOOSH brain empty
  25. I feel the same way Oneboot. I got in on this to have a variety of minis for my sessions being a DM. But what I was really sad about missing the first KS was $10 dragons and Cthullhu I'm a HUGE dragon nut and about fell off the couch when I saw the Kraken the first day. Keep in mind none of these will just sit and be decoration even though they are huge epic monsters I am currently writing scenarios for all of them, heck in the 2nd Ed boxed set The North there is a society that is lead by a huge magic wielding Kraken called The Kraken Society whose purpose is to get tradeable information to use to further their goals whatever way they can so yea poor PCs.
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