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  1. I can't wait for the "Stuff you don't even know the names of yet" goal. As far as Gauth I have him in metal so probably won't pick him up unless its a new sculpt BUT will definitely grab Stormwing and Marthrangul if they get unlocked aw man I'm glad I got the extra money I was hoping I would get!!
  2. I'd really like some weapons packs and wings and things like that. Id be much more likely to chop some bones weapons up that some metal figurines. My bones are going to be for me to practice conversions and sculpting on before I move to metal figures then entire sculpts.
  3. I feel the same way wondering if we got that one SUPER AWESOME stretch goal/add-on is gonna kill me lol. I was hoping we would get to the PF villiians today but it doesn't really look like it
  4. I played D&D and AD&D from the late '70's into the '90's... And I have no idea what any of that means. I feel old. "You kids get offa my THAC0!" God I love THAC0 I want to make a shirt that says got THAC0
  5. I played D&D and AD&D from the late '70's into the '90's... And I have no idea what any of that means. I feel old. I never cared for that style of GW dragon myself and I agree, the tall skinny big V has that same aesthetic. It means Challenge Rating 10. It's basically the equivalent of HD so you know what level your party collectively needs to be to take it on. I too play 2nd Ed AD&D but tried 3E for a lil bit when it came out but it lost me with the D20 system and all the super hero feats there just wasn't that feel anymore. I think D&D should have its own set of rules as opposed to one that shares them with so many other games it made it feel like it was just another D20 fantasy game not specifically D&D. Keep in mind I'm not ripping on anyone who plays its all what you make of it :)
  6. It was a gift. After a bit of digging I found the original company that sold it: http://www.gelaendestuecke.de/onlineshop/product_info.php?language=en&info=p359_schiffsbausatz-no--2.html& I think an actual ship might be a bit much to ask from Reaper. But some of that dungeon dressing, like the barrel and crate, could come in handy. And of course if Reaper makes a giant nautilus, one could mod it into a small-scale representation of a certain type of spelljammer. Yea I think that will be one of my projects to try and make one from scratch and yea I love the dungeon dressing I just sculpted a table for me and I'm trying to think of some other things to make
  7. Pingo thats a really cool ship where did you get it? And I have been thinking of a way to scratch build a Spelljammer from one of the blueprints in the old 2nd ed boxed set but as of this moment havent figured it all out yet still in the works
  8. Nah youre not alone I would LOVE a spelljammer ship but one to actual scale would be ginormous some of those things are as big as cities
  9. Well as far as in general so far its gotta be the Kraken, now in the core set if I HAD to pick one it would be Drogath, Gorath?? (guy on the throne lol) and yea I like Pingos idea of aquatic monsters I'm a HUGE nerd for water based adventures. My group cringes when they see I'm trying to steer them towards a body of water and now with this Kraken they'll never walk next to a puddle again!
  10. Now I'm wondering who requested dwarves in diapers and ratwomen nipples! @Crimson: Kinda vague question, but what do you think of Vermithrax (sp?)? If you mean verocithrax I really like him I like all reapers dragons I just might not get him depending on what other stretch goals are unlocked. I'm working with 200 dollars and being unemployed and trying to get married so I have to stick VERY tightly to my budget lol
  11. I disagree. Several of the KS1 Bones that were translucent were more than one part. Oh, sure, if you look hard enough, you can find the joints, but translucent plastic actually does a funny thing when you add glue to the joints; it bonds the parts together and makes the joint *less* obvious. ~v Which ones? The only one I've noticed is the Ginormous Fire Elemental. (And that was only because he somehow became unglued.) I'll only still get him if we don't see Gauth. That would make me a sad panda. I'm hoping and thinking for if Gauth is in here they will give him the Kaladrax Reborn treatment and give him a new sculpt. Nothing wrong with the old one mind you it would just be awesome to see what they can do to him in bones
  12. Hmm Verocithrax is 15.....Depending on what is offered I might pass him up not cause I don't like him but because one of my good friends in my gaming group already has the metal version. I want my own but I can pass him up if need be just have to see what all add-ons make an appearance
  13. Awesome now to just sit wait and figure out all the add-ons I want! WEEEEEE I love being enabled hehe
  14. I'm torn here my pledge is at 125 but I was planning on 200 I just don't have the actual 200 yet but should by the time its all over. Should I just wait to see if and when I get the money or pledge to help out lol
  15. I'm going to be getting all dragons they throw in here unless something like Cthullhu pops up near the end and puts me over budget if that happens there will be alot of restlessness deciding whos getting cut lol P.S. I've always wanted to homebrew was about to make some mead then boom hurricane knocked out electricity and my cultures went bad
  16. I'll say it again I HATE the fact I only live 4 hours from Denton and have yet to see Reaper HQ it's like seeing something in your backyard and continuously not being able to get past the clear sliding doors. *sigh* one day...one day,
  17. Not to run counter to Sergei too much, but yes. My Verocithrax is mounted on a 60mm round (I think). Of course, it's metal, not Bones. For a Bones one, I'm guessing you are going to want a bigger base for stability. Verocithrax is pretty top-heavy. I'll try to snag a pic of mine tonight, if you'd like. ~v We're having Kevin adapt the base based on what we have learned with our other dragons. It's fine. Every update just stresses me out. And the last two days have been rough because of other issues, not entirely work related, and I'm sorry I exploded at people. This is where I come to be ME. Over there I have to be the Hat. That was the cutest explosion ever. I'm super thrilled with all the dragons long ago before there was a thing as Bones or KS i vowed to own all the reaper dragons well fast forward years later so far I've only gotten Gauth but now with this KS I will have Blightfang, Cinder and Verocithrax I'm living the dream!!!
  18. I really want a Tarrasque but I have a feeling if he is offered in this KS it will probably be towards the end like they did with Cthullhu theyre about the same size
  19. Just for poops n giggles what color would everyone say Gauth would be (in D&D terms) I've seen him painted blue and have the metal version of him and just wanted to get peoples opinion :)
  20. Well IMO it should be clear thats the whole thing that makes them dangerous theyre clear so PC's just walk into them in dungeons
  21. Yea as far as comments I'm just sticking to here KS comments are too hard to keep up with
  22. Actually in one of the 2nd ed AD&D annual monster compendiums there are entries for mimics that are tiny buildings, beds and even one that gets the size of a house
  23. Eh... I might be in the minority, but a tarasque doesn't really excite me. It always struck me as more of a "bogey man" for the DM to threaten players with, than something that would actually be used (at least in AD&D 2nd Ed.; I don't know about other iterations). Still, if Reaper makes one I suspect I'd wind up getting it because I'm sure it would look awesome. I hope we see some more devils to fill out their ranks. The different demon groups had descriptors though (lesser, etc.), and since the devil group doesn't maybe that isn't planned... Yeah it's a cool looking creature but I would never have a reason to use it. I don't know if I could resist buying one but if I did I think I would probably end up thinking better of it later and then selling it. You know what you use a Terasque mini for? You sit it next to your DM screen and anytime someone gets off topic or says silly things you glance at it see if things don't quiet down lol.
  24. I really hope it is this time part of the Kickstarter. Still do not know why they could make it possible in the first one. 18k new possible players... I think it is hard to get something better as The Kraken. Yea I agree with that I love that thing and its one of the few add-ons I'm definitely getting...although a resculpt of Gauth or something like that I'd throw money at :)
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