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  1. God 5 Million if we get that high I'm sure there are going to be some NICE add-ons. I wonder what the Kaladrax Reborn equivalent will be. EEEEEEEE!!
  2. Man I live in TX and I would consider that. Bones, Burger, Ice cream?? Did I die in my sleep??
  3. Last Kickstarter my gaming friend convinced me to buy in right at the end. I looked at the pictures of what I'd be getting and wasn't thrilled by a lot of the pictures, but for that value, who cared? Once I got the minis - well I liked them all. Even the ones I was "meh" about. So in the core set I'm up for whatever Reaper throws in. I know I'll like ti later. I was planning to also get every single option, but if the trend continues, I'm going to have to pick and choose, because I think we are going to have a LOT of options. See thats the thing, in the pictures they're just some minis but when you get the box they're YOUR minis, that makes all the difference in the world lol
  4. I've stopped trying to catch up on all the comments after 8 hours of sleep lol
  5. Someone posted one when it was unlocked cause I asked for it lemme see if i cant dig it up
  6. As someone who missed bones 1 I'm excited even if there are some repeats and actually before this started I was thinking "I really need some gnolls and bugbears they're very under rated" lol. That scale picture for blightfang is NICE shes totally on my add-on list nice paint job btw
  7. Does anyone have a scale for Blightfang? At the moment my add-ons will be Kraken, Gelatinous cube (just cause it swallows characters), and Blightfang!!!!
  8. OMG I was hoping to have more of the big dragons and AHHHH BLIGHTFANG...hes MINE!!
  9. Well that was a BRISK stroll through the cemetery lol
  10. I want my bones to arrive in a Trick R' Treat bag:)
  11. Still no next map. Can't wait to see the cemetery!
  12. YES!! Savage Worlds unlocked whats next!?!?!
  13. As far as add-ons I do ALOT of aquatic themed sessions so I'm definitely going to get the Kraken and the gelatonous cube. I'm waiting to see what other dragons become available before i commit to any and depending on my budget some paints if there aren't alot more add-ons I like
  14. I set an alarm to wake up 30 minutes before it started and yea first time I just went into a KS found the pledge I needed and pledged without even looking at anything
  15. I wasn't sure about the cube but after I found out it actually sits over players I think I;ll have it.
  16. Ah man I just realized I dont know where I'll be living in a year *sigh*
  17. It's really driving me crazy I can't see this video and YAY beastmen
  18. Why can't I watch the video on the main page I press play and it doesnt do anything
  19. Actually they do have a scale shot in one of the early updates
  20. Aw man he's so awesome I'm super excited AHHHHH
  21. Btw does anyone know how big the kraken is I tried to find a picture with some scale but couldnt find any
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