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  1. I love the kraken I've got to come up with a whole scenario just to use him, I can't wait to see what other dragons get unlocked!!
  2. So many comments by the time I'n done reading them something new is opened then theres more pages of comments, I gotta read faster. I missed Cthulhu from the first one but that kraken........*licks lips*....
  3. Just add the amount to your pledge and I think that all gets taken care of after the KS is over youll tell them what options you paid for
  4. I love the whole trick or treat board game this is going to be the funnest 25 days in a while :D
  5. I can't wait to sign in to my KS account and see what all goodies they are offering I'll be joining Buglips on the proverbial and literal couch that day as well...which brings me to a question; What are goblin couches made out of?
  6. Hello all I've been posting alot of the things I've been working on lately. I've been trying to do exercises and practice daily even if its just practicing the chainmail texture or just making a bag or lil accessories. Well here is a half tabard I made to practice my cloth and folds let me know how you think its coming, I feel I'm getting better every time i try and do something. Sorry for the poor photo I'm no photographer and the light in here is lame. Thanks in advance!
  7. GAWD! I can't wait to see what the initial offer is and what all were going to get. This is going to be so awesome! I hope I can make it to RCon in 2014 I only live 4 hours away I just never can seem to make it...
  8. This is great! I missed the first one cause at the time I had no idea what KS was and didn't visit reaper as much since I didn't have a group at the time. I've been waiting ever since then for the second and here we are and I have enough money at the moment to buy in and get some add-ons. Its like the most expensive roller coaster ride EVER
  9. Thank you OneBoot and you are correct the eyes are hollow and he was a practice so I'm going to do some more and add some the next time
  10. Thank you for all the compliments and critiques. No I have not seen that one it looks really good I have read a few others though. I tried to get the eyes as close to the middle as possible with all the shaping the head sorta got squished down. It makes me feel better to know that even though I cant draw humans that well and done really have reference drawings I might still be decent at sculpting.
  11. Hello all I started the day wanting to practice some sculpting. I wanted to try and make some furniture but once i got the ball of sculpey in my hand i started messing with it. This lil guy is the results, he's my first ever attempt at trying to sculpt a face so he came out a lil pudgy (sorta looks like a sad Alfred Hitchcock lol). Other than that though it made me smile a little that it came out like it did let me know what you all think. Thanks in advance sorry for the camera quality
  12. We'll just see about that when we raise twice the amount as last time :P Exactly. No matter what the buy in level is going to be for the new Vampire level with the supporters from last time AND the people who didnt get it on it last time and now know about it thanks to the advanced warning the contribution will be driven up so much people will still get a decent amount of extras to make it another good deal.
  13. If you go to hirstarts website there is a 2 or so minute long video of him prepping the envirotex to get ready to pour and he shows what he does to change the color its a pretty cool video
  14. GAWD!!! How do I keep missing these AWESOME Cthulhu kickstarters!?!?!? *le sigh*
  15. I love the idea as well from what I have read Envirotex Lite works VERY well for this and for its price its not that bad. I looked on hobby lobbys website and they sell a 32oz container for 30 dollars. Now that might seem a bit steep but hobby lobby also has a printable 40 percent off of one item coupon you can get from their website making it about 18 dollars which is very nice. The color can also be changed just by adding a few drops of paint in with the clear part of it (its a 2 part resin) before mixing and pouring. Hope that helps and sorry if you already knew lol!
  16. Yea there would have to be alot of variety of swamp tiles to make it not so redundant. What i was thinking about is maybe making a random table that I could roll on to see what boards to lay down for them as the progress through it that way I wont have to map out the entire swamp and again it would be random enough to not get the repetitive feeling. Oh one more question what thickness is your plasticard and do you get it online or at a store? Thanks again for this thread its awesome!
  17. Oh thats awesome I would be very curious to see how that comes out cause I REALLY like swampy type areas but as a DM one of the hardest (that I find anyway) to accurately convey to a player given all the kinds of features it can have from water to just bogs, or bits of dry land and just ankle deep water but with alot of thick mud. Something like some random modular terrain would make a setting VERY fun. I did something like your cavern pieces a while back heres a link only thing is i did them 2x2 http://www.dwarvenforge.com/forum?func=view&catid=10&id=55091
  18. I thought for a second the silhouette looked like Marthrangrul for a minute but it doesnt match that either it may be a new Chimera sculpt youre right
  19. Or mod it. Or use it for painting practice. Or chop it up and use it as bits for bases/scenery. lol yea I could always use them for modding and painting practice since I'm getting into sculpting and am by NO means any good at painting to say I enjoy miniatures so much lol
  20. Yea I'm going to be happy with whatever I get if I dont like it I'm sure I can always just trade it. I just really like dragons whatever reaper includes in this will be great. And yes please I'll accept anything just for more info lol
  21. Wouldn't you rather have something bigger and better? YES!! Bigger, Better.....Gauth it would be cool to see a redone Gauth in this one like was done with Kally in the first one.
  22. Thats not bad it looks really nice I have been thinking of ways to do some modular forest terrain and i like what youve done. What did you use to texture the grass if you dont mind me asking?. Another thing I have been toying with is some modular swamp terrain with some pieces to make bodies of water and pieces that are a combination of land and water Im curious what you could do with that. Keep em comin!
  23. The thing to keep in mind on a lot of figures is why they might not be on the top 100 list. Dragons for example will never get there in metal. Not because no one wants dragons, but at $50+ for a dragon, most people buy just one and then sub it for all the different dragons they might need (that REALLY is a green dragon, it is just fall...so the scales have turned color and it looks red). In Bones, I would not be surprised if a couple of the dragons make it into top 100 or even top 50 sales volumes. The same applies to a lot of other bigger items like giants and what not. Very good looking sculpts, but metal prices make it more likely to buy 2 or 3 giants and have them count as any giant you might need from Storm to Frost. Lower prices though allow someone to pick up a few of each flavor. So, while the metal top 100 lists are good for seeing what will also sell in Bones, many things not on the list would be helped by switching to Bones because the lower price point will allow to fit them into their hobby budget where previously they were not able to justify the purchase. I agree I have been trying to collect all the giant dragons from reaper and so far have only managed to pick up Gauth that my local comic store had in stock for a WHILE. If they are doing bigger models for KS 2: Secret Of The Ooze I would really like bones models of Gauth, Verocithrax, Marthrangul, Blightfang, and all the other giant dragons I would get every single one of them.
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