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  1. Well said Uber I agree with that DMing is about telling a story and never have I heard a good story that went "Once upon a time everyone died and the magical artifacts were lost". Having said that I dont want my PCs feeling that at the last moment Ill come up with something to pull them out of danger cause I dont want them to die. I personally have not been a PC in oh say 15 years Im the only DM amongst my friends lol. I want to tell my story cause i know everyone will like it and want to uncover it that is how D&D memories are made no one sits around 5 years after a campaign and says "Hey remember that one time we all died....yea that was awesome". DMs and PCs need to work together
  2. I finally saved up enough money to get vampire level equivalent even if it is a little bit more. Honestly I think enough people will back this the first day that no matter what the prices are enough stretch goals will be unlocked by the time it ends to still make it another VERY awesome deal.
  3. those are some REALLY awesome dice. At the risk of plugging myself lol they would look good being pulled out of a chainmail dice bag. I can make them if anyone is interested.
  4. As far as smoothing what are you using for lubrication? I hear vaseline works really well so that and just going over it ALOT here is a link I really enjoy and it has a section on smoothing out WIPs. I have dug around on the internet QUITE a bit in my hunt for sculpting knowledge. http://www.matakishi.com/sculptingthings.htm
  5. There are also alot of good videos on youtube about making clothes from GS just search greenstuff cloaks and some decent ones should come up GL with your project.
  6. Thank you both for the information encouragement and Talespinner I was thinking about doing something not human JUST for those reasons something like a Carrion Crawler or an Aboleth something along those lines. I hope I can get really good at it cause all I've done so far has been really fun and i enjoy it.
  7. Yea I have thought about that and if its a larger scale i could always use them as giants I can never have too many of those. The only thing is I really cant draw all that well so Im really not able to make concept art for anything I hope that doesn't hurt me in the long run. I have a figure of a warrior that would look really good with a cape so I think I'll try that as one of my first experiments I have been practicing making fabric folds with my clay shapers in my super sculpey and have had some decent results
  8. Hello all I will be ordering some Greenstuff here soon and was wondering....to get use to it what are some good exercises to begin with before trying to venture into fleshing out an armature to start a miniature? Putting some capes on other figures? Any help is appreciated thank you in advance.
  9. Hello everyone since it is almost October and my Dwarven Forge game tiles will be arriving in the next month or so I was getting in the mood to start sculpting again and was wondering if anyone had any ideas for dungeon accessories they would like to see made that might not be out there or any ideas of the sort let me know if anyone thinks of anything have a great day.
  10. I love the shipwreck angel idea as well as the kraken, turtle dragon(love anything ocean going/sea related), and especially the torrasque Bane is right I can't believe no one has done one yet lol.
  11. It looks really good I too am starting sculpting and about to order some GS only problem is I have NO idea what I want to try and sculpt first. I don't know if I should try a human PC type or some kind of monster.
  12. I personally am happy with anything before the new year since Dwarven Forge has mentioned their next KS will probably be around January/February or so...So that will give me a little time between reapers KS 2 and that one to save a lil money for both lol
  13. Thank you for all the information I've been watching alot of videos about greenstuff and have an idea of how its used and its texture and will be ordering some soon does anyone know of any exercises or anything i should try to do like cloaks or anything like that for practice? with all the art videos and lessons ive been doing lately i might just try to actually make an armature and bulk it out to see if i can just get the proportioning right. Again thanks for everything can't wait to get some and show everyone my progress
  14. I agree with the multitudes of monsters. I have a decent selection of PCs and will go buy one if the occasion calls for it. i would really like to just be able to dip my hand into my "orc" bin and pull out a tribe lol. I also like the idea of dragons but wouldn't it be really cool if they did some more of the actual elder gods from Lovecraft (nyrolathotep, Yog-Sothoth, etc.) like they did with C'thulhu in the first KS? I would really like to see that.
  15. well honestly I'm just looking for as much material for my buck as i can get and it still has what i need for sculpting purposes and the only reason is because I'm on a very tight budget. I know there will be alot of waste in the beginning and i dont want to start to get decent and run out and not get to practice so I'm basically trying to get as much practice as I can. I can't wait to actually get to some sculpting I'm really excited and ty everyone for all the advice
  16. i think i will do that at the moment I'm re-learn some art lessons since it really helps to have concept art and i never was any good at drawing the human form i really hope that doesnt mean i wont be any good at sculpting it cause i really want to get good at this lol
  17. Hmm ok I think what I might do then for practice so I dont waste so much is just use some of my GS to make a few armatures so that my Super Sculpey Firm will stil do it and I can practice with the sculpey instead of trying to just hop into the GS I gotta start somewhere lol
  18. Hey everyone I was looking for options for some greenstuff and found kneadatite A/B. Has anyone worked with it before it is close to the same as working with GS? I ask because for the same price as 100g of GS I can get an entire pound of Kneadatite A/B so i was hoping it was a viable working medium. Thanks in advance for any information and have a great day!
  19. Im mainly going to use it for doing tiny details that i dont need to move the sculpt around for like doing eyes or tiny details on clothes i still intend to get an actual magnifying lamp or optivisor at some point thank you for all the info :)
  20. oh man thank you for posting that and now that you mention it it WOULD be pretty fun to sculpt once i get better at doing hands lol
  21. Nah it will be used for sculpting minis so i can easily leave some extra wire armature exposed for the clips ty for the feedback cant wait to get it and play with it lol
  22. So I started getting a few tools and other things together to start playing around with GS and one of the things i wanted to get and saw would be useful was a magnifying lamp. Well when i searched for them i found this little buy and while not as big as a magnifying lamp I think it should work for now and I didnt really pay that much for it. Has anyone ever used something like this if so how is it? Thanks again in advance.
  23. Yea thats what i noticed about sculpey i tried to put some on a wire to practice doing hands but instead of sticking it just kept hollowing it out and would eventually fall off i wish it would hold better i want some more practice before i start using greenstuff cause of the cost i really dont want to waste alot in practice and i might look into that wax just to try it out. Thank you for all the information
  24. I started with original sculpey and now i have super sculpey firm but i find both very hard to use for minis (i mainly used it for making things like tables and dungeons accessories). I'm looking for some art books to help me draw since I've never really been great at drawing people. I suppose I just need to get some corks and start trying to practice. In the long run it will end up being the best way.
  25. Hello all I'm sure some of you know I've been trying to start sculpting but one of my big hangups is I never was very good at drawing people. Armor, swords, and other things yes but not people or shading. So i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for books that would help me out like a beginners how to draw people or something. Also if anyone knows one thats the same thing but for clothes and things like that, that would be awesome as well.
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