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  1. As a person who missed out on the first one I'm super excited about this I've been waiting for this news ever since i found out about the first one a few months after it finished. I won't be caught in the rain this time!!! I would really like to see all their giant dragons redone like Verocithrax and Gauth
  2. what kind of wax? ive been looking for a few different mediums to mess around with while i get ready to try out sculpting minis i REALLY wish there were some classes i could take. One of these days ill actually make it out to Reaper since its only 5 hours away. And to begin with should i try to make my own armatures or should i start off with the reaper dollies?
  3. well ill probably be going with the Anime Girl one that was mentioned then at least that one has the whole process from beginning to end even if its not the medieval figure i was hoping for
  4. awesome thank you guys for the info i cant wait to watch them and get started trying to create some things
  5. I'm sure this has been asked at some point but does anyone know anything about the Miniature mentor videos? I was thinking about getting the one about basic sculpting with Christophe Letellier does anyone know if they are any good it IS only 15 dollars so i wouldn't be out too much. Thank you for any information in advance have a great day.
  6. DUDE i WAS going to go with some modular forest/forested mountain terrain but you win with that one id go with underwater any time lol i need to check that out. I needs me a megaladon.....with a saddle.....
  7. thats what i got but i sorta wanted the firm so im asking the seller if he can swap them if not im sure i can make it work ty for all the replies
  8. Hello everyone i just went on ebay and won an auction for some size 0 clay shapers soft. I wanted some firm but i got a good deal on these so my question is has anyone used the soft ones for minis and how well do they work? Thanks for any info in advance
  9. oh yes there will be molds there will also be 2 more different kinds of floor tiles to give variety as well as some cavern walls so hopefully it all goes well
  10. Hello all i wanted to post some pictures for the project im working on at the moment. I will state for the record im not trying to sell of otherwise make money or anything like that off of them im doing this strictly for the reason of even when the cavern sets DO get restocked ill never have enough money to get all the ones i want lol. Now with that said here are some pictures of my cavern floor piece i sculpted, i will be doing some walls and other pieces to go with it this one just came out so well i wanted to share sorry for the long intro lemme know what you think. The second set of 2 pictures are my tile next to some of my actual DF cavern pieces
  11. thats awesome i really want to get some clay shapers but so far i havent had the extra money to justify spending 25 dollars of the ones i want
  12. thats really nice im trying to start sculpting minis what epoxy did you use?
  13. i think im going to order some procreate this week i found a website that sells it in 50 gram portions but 2 of them (100g) will be 17 and some change including shipping. Now if i wanted it to dry a little stiffer i could mix it with milliput? And if so what ratio would be good for that 50/50?
  14. oh thats a pretty good deal i might go with that one NOW i have to decide whether or not to get my green stuff first and start practicing with it or get my smooth on mold making supplies so i can make some molds and start casting some things any suggestions? lol
  15. yea its www.restorersupplies.com just search kneadatite but i just found out they want 8 dollars for shipping which sorta kills the deal so yea
  16. thank you for that information i found some in a tube on a site for 10 dollars so i think im going to order some very soon i cant wait to start messing with it
  17. well awesome ive been watching alot of videos as well so hopefully there wont be too much waste once i get some im looking forward to getting some i really need to get some color/clay shapers
  18. ive been watching some videos about green stuff and i like the way it looks like it handles and on top of that all comments about it i think im going to pick some up. Its only 14 dollars for 36 inches on ebay, although im not exactly sure weight wise what that equates to...Now does anyone have any suggestions as to what would be good exercises to practice or things i should start out trying to do? I was thinking about adding a cloak of backpack to one of my minis
  19. thats an awesome idea ill just have to figure out a way now to make the tapestry removable to reveal the secret/concealed door
  20. I appreciate all the help im trying to put together a sort of dungeon accessory kind of deal at the moment i have sculpted a very nice fireplace that will light up with an LED and im trying to create a treasure chest that actually opens im also going to try and make a few other things i just havent decided what would really go well for dungeon dressing that might not already be out there
  21. hello all another sculpting/clay question. Ive been mainly using sculpey then i moved to supersculpey firm, now i think id like to get some 2 part putty to do some layering on things like treasure chests and other little projects i was thinking about getting some standard miliput to start off with mainly cause of the price (10 dollars including shipping on ebay for a pound) and i dont know how much im going to waste trying to learn the new medium lol. Having said that what does anyone else think? Would it be a good step?
  22. hey thats quite inventive actually i really just need them to make the shape so i can make a master mold of the thing so that might work really well
  23. thank you phoenix i think ill try the green stuff idea it seems like its got the look im looking for. And thank you Dave its funny you mention that cause before i picked up sculpting i did leatherworking and still do when i get the chance (mostly armor for ren fests and other similar things) but come to find out ALOT of my stamps and other tools work QUITE well with sculpting so i now have a myriad of awesome tools for sculpting.
  24. Hello all i was wanting to ask some of the sculptors out there how they go about sculpting gold piles do they make individual coins or layer them? Do they just start with a lump of clay and sculpt them in? I know there are alot of tutorials on how to make your own gold pile but most of them involve using glitter on top of piles of glue or something and for the project im trying to sculpt it wont really work for that. Glitter wont really translate to well when i try to make a mold and cast it. Thanks in advance for any info.help.
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