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  1. so after ive baked it a few times and what not ive decided to start over on this project. alot of the texture i tried to put on there didnt take very well and it got baked so many times the seems between pieces started to show so ive decided that im gonig to order some super sculpey firm and try again. with what ive learned from this one i think the next incarnation will come out the way im imagining lemme know if anyone has any tips or comments thanks all for the compliments on this one, cant wait to put some pics up of the new version
  2. i like the iron rods idea but im going to lift the gate up off the ground a lil but and by the time i get that done there wont be much space left. But ill remember that for the next time, i wish someone would have told me as a kid i could make a living off of D&D instead of saying i was silly for doing all this in middle/high school, well im trying now so i hope it all works thanks for all the support guys :)
  3. Awesome ive been thinking about picking up some milliput i think itd be better to practice on that than jump right into green stuff here are the fixed pics finally got my cam working again
  4. Ok so i went back and fixed the gap between the doors and the arch and ive attached it to the side walls with "mortar" i.e. more sculpey. Im realizing i need to get a better medium after being re-baked a few times my svulpey is showing some cracks at some of the seems but those will be fixed i wonder what other medium would be good for a project like this any suggestions?
  5. oh there will be some embellishments on the door i just havent gotten to the point yet its next on the list
  6. Heres the picture of the keystone arch. Keep in mind its not attached yet its just set up on it it will all look better once its completed. And the gap between the door and arch is a bit bigger than i wanted but i think it still looks good let me know what you think.
  7. oh wow that would be cool i never thought about anything like that
  8. thats actually a really awesome idea ive been toying with a magical portal idea that has some glow in the dark runes around it and thank you all for the compliments once im finished i think i really want to make a mold and cast it in resin ill post more once its closer to finished
  9. So as a few of you might have noticed I've been posting on here lately asking about tips for cobblestone brickwork and wood grain techniques for sculpting. Well I've finally gotten enough done where i feel confident about putting some pictures up here to show what it has been for. Behold my grand double door entrance, I made it to go with my Dwarven Forge things, it's my second sculpt so far (and biggest as well) but isn't quite done yet. There will be a keystone arch and i still have some embellishments to do on the doors (strap hinges, rivets, etc.). Thank you for all the help you've provided to get me to this point I'll post more once it's advanced a bit more. Let me know what you think.
  10. thats some awesome stuff id like to see what they look like once theyre painted. It also makes me want to get some super sculpey at the moment im only using regular sculpey its sorta hard to do smaller things with it.
  11. this is ally helpful as ive just started to try sculpting at the moment im working on a grand double door entrance to go with my dwarven forge things. if i think of some other things id like help with ill post it here and hopefully get a tutorial. Maybe something like a skeletal hand? not in 25mm a scale a bit bigger im thinking of using some for embellishments...Keep em comin lol :)
  12. oh man that video was EXACTLY what i needed thank you so much ill take some pictures this evening with my cam and post it i think ive got enough pieces done to show the gist of it now thanks for all the help
  13. thanks dks it all helps alot now comes another decision...once im done doing it in sculpey do i just put it together or make a mold of it and cast in resin. Im not sure what i want to do since ill need to get the materials to cast it but itd be worth it to do it since if i can pull it off it will be really nice
  14. That helps alot thank you and the pieces i made were before i got my set of sculpting tools that just arrived. Theyre double ended and i paid 5 bux on amazon for 4 of them which included shipping. The 2 ends i might try for that technique are the scalpel shaped end and there is an end that looks like a spear basically so ill try those then smooth out the rough edges. When im done with the whole thing ill post my project here for critiquing.
  15. Hello all another sculpting question (im doing a project and have had a few lately lol). I was putting some wood grain on some planks of wood in my sculpture and they came out ok but they were really just squiggly lines i made with my x-acto. They werent all just lines i put some knotholes and other things in it but still essentially they are just cuts. I was wondering how anyone else did theirs i look at some of the tables and things like that from Hirst Arts and can tell its more than just lines cut into it thanks for anything in advance.
  16. i cant wait to get to that point theres a video im thinking about getting i wish i had made it to reapercon to take the sculpting class
  17. i got a little set of 4 double ended tools off of amazon theyre better than what ive been working with (basically just an x-acto) ill post some pics of what ive accomplished so far here in a lil bit thanks for the info, basically when i try to make it not look like just a cut in the wall it ends up looking pretty shoddy.
  18. Hello all, i have been messing around with sculpting some things and getting the hang of it. Well i just acquired some actual tools and was wondering about sculpting bricks into the wall to sort of match my DF stuff. Keep in mind its not to resell or anything i just want some custom pieces to go with what i've already got. My problem is short of actually squishing out individual bricks (which is VERY time consuming) im having a hard time carving grooves into a large piece of clay and making it not look like i've just done it with an x-acto. Can anyone help me out with techniques or tips anything is appreciated? Thanks in advance and sorry for the drawn out post lol.
  19. that helps alot i think ill try and pick up some milliput and work with it so i can get an idea of what its like to work with a 2 part putty. Im working towards making miniatures but at the moment im really interested in sculpting some terrain like some cavern walls and a big elaborate castle entrance and a few other things. thank you for all your info
  20. ok awesome thanks for the info ill have to try and get some ive only used sculpey so far
  21. what kind of clay/sculpting materials did you use besides greenstuff? i did a cthulhu like tentacle that came out pretty good but i used sculpey im just getting into sculpting and looking for any hints/tips
  22. thank you to everyone for all the support it makes me wich i had picked up sculpting way earlier :) now to choose my next project
  23. thank you all for the support i really enjoy it and ive done some books, a table, a potion/wine bottle, and crystal ball ill try and take picture but theyre so tiny i dunno if the details will be visible and im thinking of getting some supersculpey firm next as well as a few actual tools since at the moment im just working with an exacto again thanks for the support
  24. lol i thought about doing one next but im not sure what i want to try i really enjoy doing it and dont want to discourage myself with something out of my league keep in mind that was the very first time i ever sculpted anything (about 2 hours of sculpting altogether)
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