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  1. Hey there guys with all the DF terrain i got and wanting minis and accessories for them i wanted to try some sculpting. So since i didnt have alot of money and didnt really know what i was doing to begin with i went for some sculpey before i got some expensive things let me know what you think and since theres no paint and my webcam sorta sux its a little hard to tell some of the detail enjoy!




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  2. Hello all i was wondering about trying my hand at sculpting some tiny things like some stalagmites to go with some of my dungeons i have a set of wood working tools i picked up at hobby lobby a long time ago i figure i might be able to use those in some way but my question is what other tools would i need to say maybe get a rocky pitted texture and would sculpey be a good thing to use to start off with? thanks for any info

  3. yea i really wanted to back this cause ive missed alot of KS's like the reaper bones and demons and devils that got alot of stretch goals minis for about 100 or so dollars but having to spend 200 at the moment just doesnt seem like a good deal im hoping it will change

  4. CSM is center stage miniatures and they do alot of old school type minis they just launched a new KS for minis from the Tome of Horrors Complete by Frog God Games and ill be backing that since ive missed out on QUITE a few really good mini kickstarters and the DW was my first KS ever (never knew about it till i happened to go to their website and see if anything was in stock lol) i got 10 unpainted sets so those plus all the stretch goals means i need QUITE a few minis to fill them up. @gmpathfinder i was JUST talking to my friend about how KS makes me feel like an investor yesterday lol http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/centerstageminis/tome-of-horrors-complete-28mm-heroic-scale-miniatu

  5. im in it for 10 sets which means with all the stretch goals ill have about 15 sets in all thats why i really want another good mini KS ill be able to build a HUGE dungeon like one of the levels of undermountain from the 2nd ed boxed sets i also really want the chamber of sorrows but i cant spring for the painted version and i cant get an answer on whether or not the unpainted version is going to be limited edition like they say on the website cause on there they say the painted version will only be offered to KS backers and not again so ive been wondering if the unpainted version is the same or if it will be offered later

  6. KruleBear i hear you i dont really have my group i use to play with and its been about 7 years since ive done any kind of really good campaigning (im always the DM) but these tiles actually got me to sit down and ive been typing out a very in depth campaign and will be typing on it until i receive the tiles in october and its all cause of these lil guys

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  7. i thought about the oathsworn dwarves cause i REALLY like dwarves but i might wait for this center stage miniature KS itll give me more time to get money and i read over the oathsworn dwarves and wasnt really sure about the stretch goals they were offering or if i just got the few dwarves i paid for and i know what you mean about getting sucked into alot of them cause i can see how its addictive

  8. man i just saw something posted about the demons and devils KS and the Kraken KS i keep missing all these awesome mini KS's does anyone know of another cool one running ATM? i looked at the post about other KS that are currently running and didnt really see any that interested me

  9. yea ill just be on the look out for the next one with the DF KS and me now having 10+ sets on the way it would be really nice to spend 100 or 300 on an awesome KS for miniatures i also really wanted to pay the extra 25 and get nethyrmaul the undying or kaladrax reborn ill just have to pay more attention to the interwebs next time

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