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  1. Does anyoneknow if Anne Forster wil actually be at reapercon? I think she's the only person on my list I didn't get to meet last time. Im not sure what that is but it sounds fun depending on what's out me and the wife plan on visiting the Alamo draft house that's RIGHT next to the hotel
  2. Thought I would make a post people could look at with a list of places to eat in case anyone wanted the information. Last year we had food from a place called The Fat Shack it was really good and they deliver to the hotel through doordash until about 2am. There is a pizza place called Double Daves that also delivers to the hotel and they were excellent then there's barley and board which is fairly close as well as an in and out burger. These are the places me and the wife ate last year all were wonderful and reasonable, if anyone would like to add anything different to the list feel free I hope this helps!
  3. Yea I'm really hoping to get into at least the cthon one since they're available again!
  4. It was definitely a grand experience
  5. Oh yes I will be spending much time at the pool there is also usually a gathering of con goers at night around the fire pit it's pretty fun and shouldn't be missed great way to meet everyone
  6. Very nice one of these days I'll make it to those, you should find me and my wife. Last year was our first year and Knarthex and Dilvish took us under their wings and showed us the ropes, PM me so I have your name I'd love to meet you and do the same as muchas I can, show you around or anything else you need! It's a great time nothing like it! Are you staying at the hotel?
  7. Im so glad to know I'm not the only one whos just starting I finally picked what I wanted but just have a base coat on lol
  8. I wanna say it was at midnight but don't quote me
  9. I hope you're ready for more unstable unicorns jess got the next expansion from their kickstarter lol Is this your first time?
  10. Ive totally done this before speaking of I need to track down someone I can bug about OSL adnd NMM all the other classes I got made it to where I couldn't take any involving those
  11. Thank you I knew it was once of the regulars and I had talked to tthen at the con!
  12. So last year I forget who coordinated it but we had a forum get together dinner that Sunday evening of the con. I would like to throw my hat in this year to help with it. I love doing research and finding restaurants lol. If you did it last year and want help totally message me!
  13. Thank you I asked for those cause it was the only ones I knew of so anything comparable is just fine thank you!
  14. Im hoping growtix is better this year and we are able to snag some classes even if it's beginner ones. We just ordered our tickets and are excited! Does anyone know if there's a booth or company at the con that sells Windsor and newton series 7 brushes?
  15. I usually run unofficial games after hours and things like that may be doing the same thing this year if anyone is interested
  16. No cost as fast as I recall and we played in one of the dreadmere games that was part of the reapercon story
  17. Base costs except for base (ironically lol) are fine, next is tough ups and highlights. Comments and criticism please ive had alot of fun painting this mini and really want to enter some pieces at the MSP open at reapercon so it all helps
  18. If I remember correctly I bought mine last year round about the end of may early June? They had already been on sale a few weeks before hand (correct me if i'm grievously incorrect) there should be plenty of time for you to get them
  19. What's the point? It's all meaningless, join Maggotcrown for the truth of it all... To be exact it's from 530-730 aaaaaaaand it's not just beer but also any mixed drinks with just 2 ingredients like whiskey and coke or gin and cran....I made sure to do the research....lol
  20. Once I put the highlights on I was planning on putting a glaze over it all in hopes it'll smooth out the blends and transitions
  21. Beginnings of my behir miniature criticism welcome also he's not glued yet so that's why he looks all happy lol. Let me know what you think
  22. Wait as in the miniature? Cause that's what I was meaning if so awwwww man i'm getting 50
  23. Im hoping this is the reapercon sophie actually! We loved our room so much last year I wasn't too see if we can get the same one lol, also since last year was our first year and we had someone introducing us please forgive me if I met you last year and ask again, iit's not cause I don't care or it wasn't memorable only that my brain doesn't work like it use to anymore lol
  24. Its no biggie I know how things get and i'm truly sad to hear George won't be able to make it he took us under his wing and showed us the ropes our first time last year, he will definitely be missed. I am glad though to hear he's doing better and that you should still be able to make it. Congrats on the new convert lol! It's good to hear from you
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