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  1. On a different note speaking of people being ready for next year and going has anyone heard from dilvish or knarthex? I hadn't seen them on in a while and have pmd them just to check in but hasn't heard anything, erase this if it is too off topic
  2. Yup that's what we're waiting for are tickets and classes lol, I wonder if I could see I we could get the same room as last year lol
  3. First time going is an amazing event ours was last year. Meet as many people as you can, make a list of things you want to try/ learn and first and foremost there is usually an after hours meetup at the firepit by the pool definitely try to make it. Also check the reapercon forums when it's going on people are usually posting in real time about what's going on. I'll be wearing something red everyday (obviously) come find me!
  4. Same pulling out the paints tomorrow. We showed up thursday last year but we booked and are going to be able to make it Wednesday for pizza dungeon this year, we're so excited! The entire staff there was so nice and so helpful every step of the way
  5. Just booked our room we are so excited! We can't wait to see everyone again!
  6. I know not pertinent to the conversation but we cant wait to see everyone again!
  7. So not much more painting done but I greenstuffed some conversions. I didn't like his skin he had draped on his back it had like a reptilian texture to ot and not alot so I made it into a fur texture first time attempting it on a mini. Then I added wood texture to the axe handle it came out ok but a little more bulky than I wanted. Let me know what you think!
  8. So again normally for this quality it would only take a lil while but with work and life it's taking me longer. Ok so finished the face and hair the face still seems a little expressionless but it's only my second one and only the first of this size(other was an ogre). I tried green eyes(they're thr colors of my characters eyes) but I dunno maybe too bright? Also tried some freehand black around the eyes that started out as me trying to line/ separate them. Please leave me feedback faces and skin are one of my big things im practicing on!
  9. Was up late last night so went ahead and swapped out the weapons the bottom of the axe is slightly off but all in all I think it came out nice and I like the looks of these better more fitting of a barbarian. The dagger fit perfectly in the hole I drilled in his hand. Also may have to repaint the tops and bottoms of his fingers.
  10. Ok so added the highlights and then glazed it all to bring it together. The closeups are somewhat un flattering but I think it looks ok, need to work on painting flesh still. Next I will touch up the face then move on to the hair. You can see ive removed the weapons I didn't really like them so i'm going to give him one of the axes from the weapons sprues from bones 3. Whelp let me know what ya'll think!
  11. Sorry this is so slow going tomorrow I should be done with the flesh then work on the face more and hair. I will be doing a slight conversion on the leather on his back I don't like the texture so will be making it fur instead
  12. More work on the shadows done I may do one more shade then start on the highlights then a glaze to bring it all back together let me know what you think!
  13. What colors did you use for the actual bone parts?
  14. Ok I don't do that many WIPs but I thought I'd try on this one. This is so far a base coat and 6 layers of shading. I like to use glazes so the build up is very gradual and I have to remember that everytime I start a mini lol. I will put down about 10 more layers going down all the way to a deep purple. This is at the pure tanned skin shadow phase. It will be slow going due to work but I will keep up with it. Comments and criticism welcome and before it gets mentioned I removed no mold lines this is more of a proof of concept to see if I can finish a wip post and how my skin painting is coming along. Thanks!
  15. When I put together the basing meetup at reapercon that's pretty much what happened. I knew next to nothing but brought all the materials I had and so did everyone who came also there was alot donated. I watched people do things with greenstuff and other materials it was very hands on people could just grab some things and ask what is this used for, how would this be used. Green eyed monster was even there doing experiments with static grass. I think maybe a class should sorta be like that show what materials are out there and how they're generally used. Everyone has different concepts about what tells the story of a certain mini and how it could be based.
  16. 2 of my favorite triads, the redstone triad and the peacock, brilliant and viper green triad
  17. I imagine not lol I always have problems seeing them with my eyes like they are until I prime it so im considering just priming first getting rid of them then touching up the primer layer
  18. Was just thinking about this earlier today. Does anyone ever prime a model just to make mold lines more apparent so they can sand/shave them away then strip or reprime after they are done?
  19. Getting to play in your group was a great experience we will be back to game with you next year! Thank you for putting it together and making it so wonderful!
  20. I really want to learn more about OSL and NMM its the one thing at reapercon this year I didn't manage to learn more about on my list!
  21. What has reapercon done for me? Ill second the crap hole town sentiment lol, also allowed me to meet great like minded people and make new lasting friendships. It has also given me the confidence I needed to really start painting in earnest and try new things. I cant wait to have my piece judged next year!
  22. I work mainly in retail and have for a while. The place I work at now is a little tinier but everyone is pretty much a floater or can do most other jobs so its not a problem. I get the blackout dates for big holidays but working in retail you should deserve to be able to take breaks trust me.
  23. Lots of glitter I imagine And yes it will we awesome shell have the expansions and we'll actually finish a game lol
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