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  1. 39 minutes ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

    The hotel was grilling out at the pool on Saturday amd selling burgers and dogs.  Would probably cost something though.

    I wonder if they'd let me bring my own or if no for liability reasons. Just called they said pretty much no on the premises maybe somewhere near the needless to say my new quest is to barbecue for next year

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  2. Just now, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

    Tailgating in the parking lot?  That sounds awfully tempting.

    That might not be a horrible idea. We had talked about reserving the pool for Sunday night so maybe combine the 2? I'd have to talk to the hotel and see what the best option I have is

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  3. We got a late start as we found triple h in the lobby this morning and brought him to reaper hq it was a nice trip and we were happy to get to spend a little more time with one of our new con family members. After a harrowing drive in horrific weather passing multiple wrecks,  heavy traffic, and 1 eighteen wheeler on the side of the road with its cab engulfed in flames weve finally made it home. It was so good to meet everyone and we are already making plans to see you all next year! Be safe! 

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  4. 33 minutes ago, Dilvish the Deliverer said:

    I missed the basing party, but I did brimg to much lighter Bassimg Box of Goodwill home.  I have no idea what's left but it will find it's way out in the world again next round.

    Thank you dilvish and everyone who brought things for the meet up! I may make it an annual thing

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  5. We are talking with knarthex so MAY be a few minutes late to our own meet up lol going to be in the communal painting area towards the front where you enter look for the unicorn hat! Will be there about 715 sorry wasn't sure of things since this is my first year but will DEFINITELY still be there

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  6. My wife is really wanting to collect more ribbons and was wondering how and who lol. She tried to make her own account on the forums but the security question kept messing up and saying it was wrong... I mean I know what the square root of 4 is and what planet we live on... least I use to anyway. But anyway any hello would be appreciated and shed love it! 

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  7. 9 minutes ago, Pegazus said:

    Meaning 7 tomorrow, yes?


    I also have a large box of supplies to share, and containers for people to take back with them.

    Excellent knarthex tried to find you for us earlier but thought you might be at dinner I hope to find you earlier in the day tomorrow

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  8. Ok after having arrived today the basing meetup will be on the communal painting crafting area at 7pm friday night. Knarthex and Dilvish have offered many supplies I also have some. Show up we can all learn together from one another! I'll be wearing a black and purple kilt and my dark souls you died shirt. Wife will be wearing a unicorn hat and black and purple tutu should also have a sign by then as well. Hope to see you there! 

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