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  1. Me and the wife will be going how much we buy dictates if we will have dinner or just drinks lol
  2. Ok well things are getting crazy no point in trying to keep up with the comments now lol we pack tonight and leave EARLY in the morning!
  3. I will show this to the wife and see what she thinks. I hope to make it!
  4. Yea while I absolutely love a good Chinese buffet my rice not so much so it's the corral for me ityesss got a little bit for everyone! I can't wait to see everyone!
  5. I should have plenty of extra. Also due to family things and spending more time with my nephews I was unable to complete something for the msp open. Are there any judges though who would be willing to critique th practice and miss I have been working on just so I can get an idea of where I stand with the techniques I have been working on?
  6. Thank you sorry first time and want to make sure everyone loved up with no surprises lol
  7. We are arriving Thursday around noon there's no cut off time for pick up is there?
  8. PM me once you get to the con I'm arriving thursday but will have some libations that can be shared. We are also being ribbons/ badges to give out just to those who say hi cause it's our first time!
  9. You may have to show my what you know of sculpting I'm bringing my tools and greenstuff and sculpey as well
  10. I have no basing experience so i'm more hoping to learn alot. I do have lots of materials though
  11. Here's a picture of the badgers we are bringing to hand out
  12. Wait so regular elmer's white glue isn't good for basing? Also the basing meet up will be friday evening about 8 or so so hopefully most people will be done with things as far as where I have no idea but either me or my wife will be wearing a unicorn hat and I'll have my suitcase/ workshop with me I'll also be in a black and purple kilt gonna also try to have a sign. Friday morning I will also open a thread in here called basing meet up so I can say definitely where it will be and we can communicate through it. Not ideal I know but it's the best I have at the moment hope it helps
  13. So I booked my hotel with the pay at site option does anyone know if I can call and pay beforehand? Im staying at the embassy suites where the convention is held
  14. I know i'm not bringing them but still wanted to share. Hobby lobby clearance score of the day two 4x8 foot sheets of flocking cloth from woodland scenics normally 30 dollars marked down to 8!
  15. I haven't seen Bryan active on here in a while did he move departments or something? It's been a while since I've kept up with the forums
  16. Im a huge collector I have a glass multiple spoons the whole set up lol
  17. I will make a sign and have the time and day on here by tomorrow night!
  18. In some form and fashion yes probably not expensive stuff. I usually get well quality liquor and the makings for long island ice teas which allow me to make quite a few different drinks. So not a FULL bar exactly but there will be the basics. i usually wind up with absinthe at some point lol
  19. Full bar I neglect to check my spelling before posting from my phone apologies sir!
  20. Lol I managed to keep it all find us to get some for your minis
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