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  1. 1 hour ago, Pegazus said:


    But that would be wasting paint! We should pour out a little rum inste... no, that's worse.




    Would your spirit settle for some dirty wash water? Best we can do.

    It may seem over the top but i'm bringing almost a full bar lol (i'm a bartender) so stop by and have an "adult beverage"!

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  2. 10 minutes ago, Pegazus said:


    There is the Forumite Bingo. You’ll meet 25 of the nicest forum members doing so. The Bingo thread is locked and so is rapidly descending the list, but my picture is on the last page in spoilers. Find me and grab a card, and we can start pointing you to those brave souls who adorn the paper. 

    I had planned on it but didn't see the sign up date and didn't get to sign up my wife loves bingo but doesn't have a forum account. As far as what i'm wearing I will have a black and purple kilt on and I MAY be wearing my leather breast plate and bracers 

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  3. 1 minute ago, Valthorn_Illian said:

    Funny enough I'm not this outgoing/nutty when you first meet me... people freak me out.

    Same iit's gonna be great! Lol PM me do I can add you to the list of people meats....urm meets

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  4. 7 minutes ago, Valthorn_Illian said:

    I'm not drooling, you're drooling. Dooooooooooooom. RIP AND TEAR!!!!!


    *cough**cough* Sorry, got carried away.


    Also, no fire pit this year so I guess it's time for a.... REAPERCON POOL PARTY!!!!!!

    You'll find me in the jacuzzi after hours with a bottle of ummmm water yeeeeeea water. Also yea DOOM is great can't wait to bring these

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  5. 9 minutes ago, Valthorn_Illian said:

    Sounds like a plan! I wonder if I should bring my airbrush now?

    I just bought an airbrush but have no compressor lol I'm bringing it anyway who knows. As far as miniatures i'm bringing these not sure what i'm going toi do with them but in bringing them lol. Just gotta find some to paint


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  6. 3 minutes ago, Corporea said:

    I think someone had a photo of me with their ribbons last year and the ribbon stack was taller than me!


    Also, I'm always happy to help people with critiques before the entry is due on things to improve if that helps.  Just know it means I can't necessarily judge that mini- but we have backup folks to fill in.  so find me and I'll help!


    I have soooooooo many people from the forums to find and meet awww man. How best to get ahold of people at the con will there be a thread people actively look at for that? 

    2 minutes ago, Valthorn_Illian said:

    The con is a week out, yaw think I got enough stuff primed and ready to work on while I'm there or do I need more? Because I got time to do some more.


    Too late I added nine KDM figures to the line up. Maybe I should add more?


    Did you zenithal prime those? It's been something im looking into alot

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  7. I have sn ogre I started practicing glazing and blending on so his skin is done I'll just have to do his details and basing I really wanted a skeleton though oh well I'll just buy one there this year and take the whole year getting ready for 2019. As for ribbons that's cool I am a leather worker and actually have leather badges I made for our wedding left over I can bring. The requirement will be to say hi for the first time lol. Or some shared information:;):

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  8. Im so stressed I wanted to enter the msp open and my wife REALLY wants me to but as I was prepping my mini it started crumbling into multiple pieces in my hand (it was a skeleton which I love to paint). Now if i even finish painting some other mini that's smaller i won't have time to base him at all i just don't know.... should I just finish something cause it's my first time? Is it worth it to get judged on something I have to start over on and do so quickly?

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  9. 1 hour ago, edz16 said:

    Wow, thats awesome! Would love to know how you made your own flock like that.

    It's pretty easy very fine sifted saw dust and water and cheap acrylic paint then let dry eve made a ton of different variations it beats playing the exorbitant prices companies all for such a small amount

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  10. I will post details of how and when to meet up by the end of this week if not earlier I will be bringing plenty of my sculpting things, tools sculpey, greenstuff etc also just made a TON of different colors in moderately large amounts of homemade flock. Wil also be bringing paint brushes for reeds and anything else I can manage to get as this might be one of the things I want to work on that I might have the chance to! The picture is the green flocking my wife has made some but wants it kept secret till we get there lol! There are lots more colors.


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  11. 14 hours ago, hungerfan said:


    Please refrain from throwing cake at the NEW location!!  We want them to allow us back next year if we like the place. :)

    How do we know if we dont like it and cake throwing is back on? 

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  12. 3 hours ago, ReaperAHawk said:


    Each person will need a GrowTix account so they can add games to their schedule.

    Here is the Growtix landing page:  https://purchase.growtix.com/events/landing/reapercon_2018

    Create an account for each person and then click on the GREY tab for Gaming schedule. To add games, use the "Date" tabs at the top to see games for each day, the click view and then "register this game"

    Hope this helps!

    But wouldn't that account need to have a reapercon ticket to register for reapercon games? Not trying to be a pain

  13. 14 minutes ago, Paradoxical Mouse said:

    Did the multiple people per account gaming issue get solved? Mr. Mouse and I are wondering.

    I never did get an answer I messaged reapercon on Facebook and had to work with them and the host of the game so I don't know if there was any final solution I stopped signing up for games cause I didn't want to have to bother them for each one

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  14. Sifted all day today to get 3 one gallon bags full of dust to make all sorts of colored flock! I will look im thinking Friday evening may be good! 


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  15. 6 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

    Yeah, neither do I.

    Based on how it was at the last hotel, I'd be willing to bet that there'll be some tables around that could be grabbed and used for this.


    Or maybe wait 'till Wednesday at the meet-n-greet and see what the layout is?

    Unfortunately I won't be in until early Thursday morning and won't make the meet n greet hmmmmm maybe I'll just make a flag and tell people to look for it on a certain night and time? 

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  16. 7 hours ago, Chaoswolf said:

    Not to be a downer or anything, but you may want to rethink having it in your room. While the rooms certainly look big enough from the pictures I've seen, if you get any halfway reasonable turnout (And based on the responses in this thread, I'm guessing you will), there's a possibility of having noise issues, and disturbing other guests.

    That's a thought I just have no idea where to say to have it as I know nothing of this hotel

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  17. I'll post details Sunday evening once we've figured out how much flocking we're making any snacks anyone has a preference to? 

  18. 10 hours ago, hungerfan said:


    Going off the 2 years it was at a hotel before there could possibly be a nice area in the public painting space to set up shop for people to drop by and do some basing stuff when they have nothing else going on.  If others are around with more experience to offer help then it would almost be a community style @Corporea's Corner!  I really am trying to get that bit of awesomeness back to the con. 

    Im really thinking of holding it at my room after hours maybe with some adult beverages and snacks or something our room seems so big I might as well...I may just make a decision and see who shows up if so I'll make another official post and put a link in here to our

    I will also try to bring extra like home made flocking and things like brushes for tall grass (I like home made alternatives to bathing materials) 

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