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  1. And this is a fine freaking example of the sort of wait one will have for 'That One Model'. This time it's looking to be the Bones Goroloth, next time, I'm betting the Behir...
  2. While I like getting more mini for my money, that Reaper lets artist go this far off the... Concept just cements my decision to wait as long as possible to lock in. Honestly, I like the Toadhemoth over the concept, but such a change could be a dealbreaker to others. Like how if the sculptor takes away the leonine aspect from the Solar's face. I'd applaud the removal of teh "furry", but others would be miffed seeing it more of a Lion of Judah sort of thing.
  3. A 1.5" base will be fine. 5E rules allow for minis to have the bases appropriate for the mini, rather than the ruleset.
  4. Red ain't the greatest, true, but taking the effort to paint a fig then also requires even further effort to STORE the fig to protect the paintjob. Careless players are WHY I've invested in a horde of prepaints that dwarfs my unpainted and handpainted minis put together. I think the steel dragon is just fine, but I eventually gave the red dragon a red magic wash. And a red drybrush to kill some gloss. Still left a lot of shine though, just the way i like it.
  5. Half of the MASS of the minis. You have to factor figure size in. Also that's if you PAY retail + tax. If you pay less than that through online discounts, no tax and possibly free shipping, the set needs to be more than 50% worthwhile to you. I don't need any more cultists, I dislike Reaper's Gug, I make my own terrain and I'm in no way interested in oversized (heroic scale) 1920's investigators, so the Cthulhu Myyhos expansion just won't be worth it for me.
  6. Generally it has been a big discount over retail+tax. Like if you want 50% of the mass of figures, you are better off buying the KS bundle.
  7. I guess this qualifies for presentation? Just some cheap prepainted dragon toys on 50mm x 100mm pill bases. Lava base for the Red Dragon ( MojoFun 387214 ) and a ruins base with checker tiles for the Steel Dragon ( MojoFun 387215 ). EDIT: ARGH! Title is supposed to be PREPAINTED, not repainted. The figure's paintjobs are the sweatshop originals.
  8. Be cautious as I've seen some sellers list length bases on tail tip to other end of the body FYI. EDIT and THAT is the one... GREAT CALL on the AMT Gigantics Brother Jim! Only thing is the legs were not that strong so base it carefully!
  9. Check any Halloween shops around you. BIG scorpions are not as common as spiders, but if you find one, you'll pay 1/4th the price or less any mini manufacturer would charge for such a figure. Emperors Choice / Arduin miniatures made a pretty big scorpion called they Grey Horror. I've seen it mentioned it being 90mm. I think someone might be trying to unload one cheap on ebay. Here's a non-commercial archival web page showing the mini. http://www.miniatures-workshop.com/lostminiswiki/index.php?title=Image:EmpCho-3501.jpg Also there is an assortment of toy bugs that was recently (Few years ago) on the market that has a box of assorted enormous bugs for around $3 each. Another poster 'painted' one of the beetles that came in the assortment. The scorpion that was in the assortment was pretty much the same size as the beetle.
  10. So has there been any speculation on the possibility the Manufacturer may have caused artificial delays because Reaper got too picky about quality?
  11. I find many Heroclix great for converting and a few make usable fantasy minis ready for the tabletop with a new base. Generally I find places online to buy the commons cheap.
  12. A small company starting a new KS when they have an outstanding project? No way then, I've seen this before. Let other folks get their money used to pay for a previous project's reward. Shame too, I do like that this one is 5 player co-op. Some of the figs are nice.
  13. Will save made! Looks great, but I don't like 4 Vs 1 style games too much. The looming $20+ shipping also helped discourage me. Crrraaaap, late pledging is an option. Must resist.
  14. It's set up is spiritually close to Mike Mignola's Hellboy with the serial numbers filed off. FAITH is just the B.P.R.D. rather than anything to do with actual faith. Not sure I'd go that far.
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